Diddy-Dirty Money Mope Around In “Loving You No More” Video

Diddy’s in a bit of a funk in Dirty Money’s latest clip, the downtrodden but beautifully shot “Loving You No More“. Household objects shatter in slow-mo as the rapper (choosing to sing this time around) and his relationship fall apart. Even a dip in the pool at a gorgeous mansion and a night out with Drake can’t seem to get the mogul to cheer up. Watch below.

Diddy-Dirty Money feat. Drake – “Loving You No More”

We have to applaud Diddy for only throwing one shot to Ciroq vodka during his club scene with Drizzy, as opposed to using the entire video as a three-minute commercial to promote his brand. Well done!

Diddy-Dirty Money’s oft-delayed Last Train To Paris will drop this December. Or not. You can never be too sure.