Nelly, Akon & T-Pain Place Their Bets In The “Move That Body” Video

In Nelly’s “Move That Body” video, the St. Louis rapper rounds up his closest pals, including Akon and T-Pain, to check out some super-fit ladies having a Fight Club-style dance competition. Watching female dancers “step up” to one another is so entertaining, T.I. and Jermaine Dupri aren’t even featured on the track and they still stopped by to get in on the action. What else are abandoned warehouses for if not a location for late night dance-offs? Jump below!

Nelly feat. Akon & T-Pain – “Move That Body”

The dance vid was directed by Marc Klasfeld, who shot several of Nelly’s videos over the years, including “Country Grammar”, and the tune was produced by pop’s knob-twiddling PhD, Dr. Luke.

Nelly 5.0 drops November 15. We’re putting all our money on this album becoming another smash hit for the club-tipper.

  • Brandon Hall

    For the first time in a along time I’m actually disappointed with Nelly, this song sounds like it could be rapped by literally any of the 500 million bubble gum ring tone rappers one of the things Ive always admired about Nelly is his ability to take any track he’s on and make it his but this doesn’t seem like a Nelly song to me.

    All the above said, its a pretty decent song all in all and it’ll likely do well on the charts
    ( Itll blend in perfectly with everything else)

  • Amango