John Mayer Somehow Links Malaria To Justin Bieber In His PSA

Even when John Mayer is trying to be serious — which, let’s be honest, is a rare occurrence — he still can’t stop joking around. The skateboarding singer filmed a PSA for the Malaria No More campaign, and he spread the word about the millions of deaths caused by malaria in Africa by sending up his celebrity status, dropping F-bombs and namedropping the likes of Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers. (At least he had the good sense to zip his lip about Taylor Swift, unless, of course, he’d like another song not-so-subtly written about his womanizing ways). Watch both of John’s inappropriately humorous PSAs below.

Inside John Mayer’s Apartment

“I’m such an over privileged prick,” says John, “That I get two mosquitoes in my apartment because I left the window open, and these mosquitoes are driving me crazy. Do you ever have mosquitoes that you can’t find in your house? That’s one fucking mosquito, and then you spend the rest of your day complaining to your friends over $6 coffee that a mosquito bit you. I couldn’t find the mosquito. That’s one mosquito in your $2 million apartment, John Mayer.”

Here’s where he finds a way to incorporate The Bieb and some other tween obsessions in pop culture to malaria:

Get The Kids To Bieber

“Almost a million people every year die from malaria,” deadpans John, “And of that number, 85 percent die under the age of Justin Bieber. With your help, by buying a malaria net for just $1, we can help, by the end of the year, to get these kids to Bieber. Next year we’ll go Jonas Brothers; after that Twilight kids, but baby steps, baby steps. Let’s get them to Bieber.”