Kandi Coats Her “Leave U” Video With Drama And Soul

These days most folks know singer-songwriter Kandi as bewigged, Internet-savvy novelty songstress Kim Zolciak’s musical cohort on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, but let’s get one thing straight—she was always our fave member of Xscape (no offense, “Tiny”!), and her new single “Leave U” is the perfect blend of old-school R&B and modern day slow jam. Peek at Kandi’s video below! Kandi lets her man have it in “Leave U,” informing him that he’s getting pretty lazy in the affection department. And look at that haircut, fellas—a girl this sassy doesn’t waste her time on inattentive gentlemen. Especially when Pooch Hall, who plays her new suitor in the video, is waiting.

The door slam at the very end of the song is pretty hot, too. Tell ’em, girlfriend!

Kandi’s album Kandi Koated is due out December 14.