Kelly Clarkson Belts Out The National Anthem

You don’t get much more patriotic than an American Idol singing the national anthem at a baseball game: we’re surprised Kelly Clarkson wasn’t also holding an apple pie during her appearance at the World Series game between the Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants on Saturday. How does Clarkson stack up against other past Idols performing our national anthem? Well, being that this isn’t the first time Kelly has performed the “Star Spangled Banner” at a sporting event, you’ll be unsurprised to know her performance is flawless. Jump below to watch!

The Texas-born superstar has been going country lately, making her an even more appropriate choice to belt “The Star Spangled Banner” at the game. Clad in a Rangers shirt to show some love for the home team, Clarkson delivered a lovely, pitch-perfect rendition of our beloved anthem. They’re probably clearing a place for her on Mt. Rushmore already.

  • Alex Goodrich

    Kelly clarkson last night and here within this last year with her weight gaining… i love it she is beautiful and i dont know why people frown on her weight who cares she in my opinion looks beautiful plump sizes ;) and the singing was flawless. Just Saying!!!

  • Haley

    You ask how Kelly Clarkson stacks up against all the other Idols?

  • BK

    All I know is – I got chills listening to this anthem live, then I was cheering my head off when she hit the ‘WAVE’ note, and then the Rangers won game 3. The only game they won in the World Series. That’s the power of Kelly Clarkson, right there.

  • matt

    She is not pitch perfect. She is all over the place. We know she is a singer. Thats how she got the gig. Sing the song as it was written. All that dribbling is selfish and sounds terrible.

  • Amy

    Obviously Matt knows nothing about a true artist and singing. And just how is it “supposed to be sung?” Did Francis Scott Key come to you in a dream and tell you how? You probably think Lady Gaga is a good artist and can sing, too!