Rihanna Scares Up A Fancy Food Fight On ‘The X Factor’

After embarking on a crime spree with her sidekick Shy Ronnie on Saturday Night Live, Rihanna hopped on a jet and headed to London just in time for her Sunday evening appearance on The X Factor. And since it was Halloween, Ri Ri took part in a fancy dress dinner party on stage that quickly disintegrated into an all-out food fight while she belted out “Only Girl (In The World).” Watch the Barbadian cover girl‘s naughty antics below! “Only Girl (In The World)” debuted at #2 on the UK singles chart yesterday, just behind X Factor judge Cheryl Cole’s second #1 hit “Promise This.”

Wonder if that fact led to any awkwardness between Cheryl and Rihanna backstage? At least the Loud songstress can relish the fact that “Only Girl (In The World)” has now replaced “Promise This” at #1 on UK iTunes following last night’s performance.

Rihanna also sat down for a short interview with Xtra Factor, where she discussed things that scare her. “Paranormal activity,” she said, before adding that she’s “really superficial.”

Clearly she meant to say “superstitious”…we think.