Mariah Carey Does Baby Talk On ‘Ellen’

Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas II You is out today, so she hit up The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote the festive LP. But let’s get real—you know the main focus was on Mimi’s finally-out-in-the-open pregnancy! Watch below.

First Ellen surprised Mariah with sparkling apple cider. “How am I to be sure that that’s apple cider, Ellen?” Mimi half-joked, looking slightly concerned. After all, while the “Oh Santa!” songbird does love her bubbly, that’s one diva-worthy luxury she’s had to curb now that she has a baby on board.

DeGeneres then expressed her doubt that Carey will be able to go through her full pregnancy without knowing the gender of her baby. “I know you, and you’re gonna want pink if it’s a girl and blue if it’s a boy,” the talk show host pointed out. “When that baby comes out, you’re gonna have high heels on it, like immediately!”

And the ribbing probably won’t stop there—Mimi is set to hit up Lopez Tonight next. At least she can let out a whistle-register shriek of delight over the fact that Merry Christmas II You is currently in the Top 10 on iTunes.

  • Yo

    I love Mariah, I consider myself her #1 fan. I mean look im first on here lol…. I love her new cd and im so happy for her for all of her joys right now.

  • http://mariahdaily u know who :)

    I LOVE U MIMI <3 Can`t wait to buy and listen to your 2nd christmas album ;)) Happy u r happy Mariah and Nick. Kisses and Hugs to u guys!

  • Nickolas Balck

    I am such a big fan. I respect Selena Gomez so much for her hard work and all the great music she puts out. She is the best, loved her since Wizards of Waverely Place.