Amy Winehouse Records A Classic While T-Pain Ruins One

Thank goodness for small miracles – Mark Ronson was somehow able to usher Amy Winehouse inside of a studio to record Lesley Gore’s 1963 song, “It’s My Party”, as part of Quincy Jones’ tribute album, Q: Soul Bossa Nostra (out November 9). We don’t know how it happened, but the same woman who could barely get through a live performance of “Valerie” back in July was able to pull herself together to record a fairly impressive cover. In fact, it’s certainly better than the mess T-Pain made with Michael Jackson’s “PYT”! Hear both of Quincy’s classics below.

Amy Winehouse – “It’s My Party”

Amy’s warbling actually works on this type of woe-is-me song. The original isn’t exactly a song that would find much rotation on our iPod, but Amy (paired with Mark’s energizing brass section) makes the 47-year old song sound fresh. We have no idea how many takes were required or how much studio magic was used to come out with this perfectly lovely recording, but we’ll take it.

Now with Amy slowly but surely recording music again (albeit no original tunes – yet), paired with how much better she looked while promoting her fashion line, could this be a sign of good things to come for Winehouse? If she’s true to her word, we’ll be getting a new album filled with “jukebox stuff” sooner than later. But the jury’s still out whether she’ll be able to deliver an adequate performance live.

[wpaudio url="" text="T-Pain & Robin Thicke - PYT" dl="0"]

What a tragic, misguided attempt at modernizing a classic – they took Michael Jackson’s gorgeous vocals and replaced him with a robot. Why didn’t the sweet-voiced Robin Thicke perform the lead vocals the whole way through? They had him right there in the studio! T-Pain’s novelty act that is his roboticized voice works for certain club numbers, but deforming one of MJ’s greatest songs by injecting it with Auto-Tune is musical blasphemy.

Which Quincy song is more your jam, folks? Tell us in the comments.

  • mrs suzy

    I think you actually wrote this headline wrong. It should be T-Pain makes a classic and Amy winehouse ruins one. She sounds terrible..T-Pain made this sound so cool. You must be 50 years old. I dont even like T-Pain and I love Amy winehouse but she ruined this. Omg terrible. This just made me a fan of t-pain. That was so cool

  • It my pooordy

    You must be joking this Amy remake is atotall joke I heard it first and thought it was a joke. She is a caricature of herself. And with just 1 album!!!

  • Z

    I agree. I normally love Amy Winehouse, and I love that song…but it bordered on horrible for me. There were moments of brilliance in the recording, but most fell far short for me.

    On the other hand, I adored the T-Pain and Robin Thicke collab. I think autotune is overused but it fit perfect with this song.

  • Z

    @pooordy – Amy Winehouse has more than one album. Her first album is titled “Frank”.

  • insideoutbox

    LOL for real guys? Her “warbling” works? The recording is lovely? That’s strange, ’cause to me she sounds like absolute crap. (And like Mrs Suzy, I am a huge Winehouse fan)

    The T-Pain PYT – while PALE (like, the shade after white) in comparison with the original – is a modern interpretation that actually works with the lyrics and meaning of the song. In what way was PYT not a club number when it came out?

    • Becky Bain

      T-Pain’s Auto Tune works with certain club songs – but not this one. Maybe if we had never heard the original before, we wouldn’t know what we were missing, but alas, we have.

      And you’re entitled to your opinion – I happen to think Amy sounds pretty good in this cover. Far, far better than she’s been sounding live. Although it isn’t exactly the most challenging song in the world.

  • LordJ

    I have to agree with you Amy’s has this alluring quality about it thats a little heartbreaking. While T-Pain on the other hand doesn’t sound modern at all (unless you count the overuse of auto-tune) just a terrible cover of a good 80′s song.

  • Ben A

    Um… she has two albums. The first was jazz; second one soul (both albums received great reviews