Pink Wants You To “Raise Your Glass” For The Underdogs In Her New Video

Pink debuted the video for “Raise Your Glass”, the lead single from her greatest hits collection, on her website today, and there is a lot going on in the clip: the badass singer, often flexing her pecs as Rosy the Riveter in the vid, bests a bullfighter, gets in the ring with a Sumo wrestler, performs at a gay wedding, sleeps with a revolving door of religious leaders, hangs around a skate park and, most inexplicably, dons a robber’s mask while a line of blindfolded women breastfeed a calf. Well, our glasses our raised, along with our eyebrows.

Pink – “Raise Your Glass”

Pink recently explained to MTV’s The Seven that she wrote the song “for all of us underdogs” and that the track is “a celebration of being different.” Along with Taylor Swift’s anti-bullying “Mean” and Ke$ha’s pride anthem “We R Who We R“, it looks like self-empowerment is totally “in” right now in pop music!

As far as the sumo wrestler who resembles Monopoly’s Mr. Moneybags, that scene “represents Wall Street, the big banks… It’s the middle-class working family against ‘the man.’” No word on any of the other puzzling scenes, particularly what breastfeeding an animal with human breast milk has to do with celebrating your individuality. Got any guesses, folks?

  • Brandon Hall

    I didn’t think it was possible for me to love P!nk any more than I already have but wow I love everything about this music video and certain parts remind me of the “Don’t Let Me Get Me” music video which song and video I worship.

    The song is just fire, simply put, and the video just sends Pink over the edge of complete badassness. I cannot wait for the AMA performance!

  • ZMH

    always fun to watch.

  • Lyn

    I think that what she wants to say with the cow part is that not only humans can be underdogs but also animals. It’s a statement against animal cruelty. So instead of cows feeding us with their milk she feeds the cows with our milk;).


  • Jill

    Lyn –

    I think you are spot on about the calf clip. I was trying to figure it out myself and now I get it. Thank you!

  • Page

    I thought it was a pro breastfeeding image. Not many see how absurd an idea it is to try to nourish a human baby with milk meant for baby cows, but when you turn the tables it does show how strange it ‘should’ seem to us.

  • cathey

    yea i thought the same about the calf…about taking a stand against animal cruelty because its just as big a problem as bullying just because they are animals doesnt mean they dont feel pain.

  • TGB

    Video “blocked [..] in your country on copyright grounds”. :(

    Damn record company political machinations.