Trey Songz Remixes Kanye West’s “Runaway”

Kanye West might not have the adoration of former U.S. Presidents, but he’s still got a huge fan in Trey Songz. The R&B singer, who previously recorded remixes of Kanye’s “Say You Will” and “Love Lockdown,” twiddled the knobs for a new “Triggamix” of West’s piano-twinkling, douchebag-toasting, “Runaway”, for his upcoming mixtape #Lemmeholdatbeat. We’d be even more impressed if he made a remix of Kanye’s 35-minute film, Runaway get on that, Trey! — but we’re curious enough to give Songz’ remix a chance. Jump below to listen!

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Trey Songz – Runaway (Triggamix)” dl=”0″]

“Let’s make a toast to the good times, let’s have a toast for the cash flow, make a toast to a new bag on the arm of a bad ho,” sings Trey. “If you still can’t understand, stay away as far as you can.”

The tune, clocking in at nearly six minutes, has an intriguing R&B twist with Trey delivering some velvety harmonies with himself on the chorus. Most impressively, the NSFW performer got through the whole thing without resorting to singing or rapping about doing nasty things to willing ladies.

How long before Trey remixes ‘Ye’s all-star “All Of The Lights” just so he can feel included among the likes of Kid Cudi, Elton John and pretty much everybody in the music industry?