Check Out New Daft Punk Music And The ‘Tron: Legacy’ Soundtrack Listing

Nov 4th, 2010 // 3 Comments

A great way to cap off your Thursday — another uptempo snippet from Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy soundtrack surfaced today, and it’s jammin’. Jump below for the funky track as well as the soundtrack listing, featuring 22 delicious new musical morsels from the electro duo.

Daft Punk – “Outlands”

Tron: Legacy Soundtrack

1. Overture
2. The Grid
3. The Son of Flynn
4. Recognizer
5. Armory
6. Arena
7. Rinzler
8. The Game Has Changed
9. Outlands
10. Adagio For Tron
11. Nocturne
12. End of Line
13. Derezzed
14. Fall
15. Solar Sailer
16. Rectifier
17. Disc Wars
18. C.L.U.
19. Arrival
20. Flynn Lives
21. Tron Legacy (End Titles)
22. Finale
23. Tron: Legacy Enhancement Multimedia Track

YouTube user MsAMOURAMOUR claims he’s got some Daft Punk tracks rejected by Disney for the Tron: Legacy soundtrack — give the tunes a listen over at his channel and judge for yourself. Sounds like Daft Punk, but even if it’s not, hey, it’s still some pretty sweet electro music. We can dig it.

[Consequence of Sound]


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  2. thumper

    also – those youtubes are beyond fake – production is very amateurish

  3. peperminds

    Disney CENSORED Daft Punk, now the leak completelly full

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