Susan Boyle Gifts Another “Hallelujah” Cover To The World

Susan Boyle, who will soon be lighting up Rockefeller Center with her angelic voice, is pretty much destined to repeat the success of her first solo album upon the release of her Christmas LP, The Gift (out November 9). The 10-song disc features several holiday classics, from “O Come All Ye Faithful” to “Auld Lang Syne,” as well as covers of a 80s rock-pop song and a Lou Reed track possibly about heroin use (that Lou Reed doesn’t particularly approve of). Best of all, Boyle performs a gorgeous rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Listen below.

[wpaudio url="" text="Susan Boyle - Hallelujah" dl="0"]

“Hallelujah” has been covered an infinite amount of times, from Idols to pop stars, and from indie folk singers to operatic boy bands. Where does SuBo’s take on Cohen’s classic stack up? Let us know in the comments!

  • Lonnirose

    Once again, Susan has knocked one out of the park! Her rendition of Hallelujah is the most beautiful I have ever heard. Magnificent, stunning, ethereal.

  • diane

    It is the most beautiful rendition of anything that I have ever experienced. It is breathtaking.

  • Candice

    Oh, my God, I love this version. Susan Boyle does have an angelic voice. I love it, I will certainly buy her album on Monday, and I will purchase for my family too. What a gift she’s got for people around the world.

  • Kate – PL

    I have always loved this song but this handling by Susan Boyle makes it more than I have ever felt before. So clear and perfectly expressed with amazing vocal control and emotion. Wow!

  • Jack

    Breathtakingly beautiful. Susan Boyle has this song in the palm of her hand.

  • Sue

    chills and goosebumps!!!!

  • http://msn Dot

    Another home run and when she sings this for this masses, there will be tears shed. We are living in desperate times, people out of work, people not knowing what their future holds, and Susan Boyle’s music will soothe the savage beast inside of us. We need her music and wonderful voice to get us through this terrible time in the United States’ history. God Bless you, Susan Boyle

  • John

    Stunning! I didn’t want the song to end. Susan did a magnificent job with this song and truly made it her own. Now I’m waiting for the rest of the album!

  • KathyM

    Damn, the woman can sing.

  • donna

    Simply superb!

  • Leslie


  • Rhondelle

    Schmaltzier than even the kd lang version. The processing of the vocals, obvious from the start, and the overproduction result, unfortunately, in a version that does nothing to distinguish it. Not even in the top 50 covers of Hallelujah. Have to say ixnay to the street-teamers on this one. SuBo, this is not your best.

  • diane


  • diane

    Are you out of your mind. This is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://google mysteryfan59

    IThis is so beautiful – Im speechless . This is the best song shes done so far.

  • Carol

    Susan’s version of Hallelujah is stunningly beautiful. Susan is an incredible and amazing singer and person. The best in the world. I love her.

  • Patricia Vance

    I just listen to this stunning singing over and over. And each time it get more beautiful than the last. She really did take this song to soaring heights of beauty that it has never seen before.

  • http://firefox wulff7

    Wow.. absolutely stunning ! God bless Susan Boyle

  • sharon clark

    Saw and Listened to Leonard when he came to Tampa last year. He was/is fabulous! His version is more “Earthy”. Hope he approves of Susan’s because her version is “Heavenly” !

  • Jeannette

    I don’t buy much music anymore but I heard the samples, and now after hearing this full version, I want this CD!
    She can sing so sweetly and then give it so much power too.

  • Rhondelle

    Hands up if you are presently:

    a) touting for Syco
    b) medicated
    c) both a and b

  • diane

    None of the above. If Susan doesn’t just blow you away with her vocals, too bad you are missing out. She certainly moves a vast number of people.

  • Rhondelle

    I have a lot of empathy for Susan Boyle. Read the documentary feature in The Guardian and you’ll learn how she’s essentially now a prisoner in her home – trapped by all the record company machinations. Simon Cowell moves a vast number of units, that is true. At what cost?

  • Fan of Susan

    since finding this site I”ve listened to Susan’s version of this song 20 times straight so all I can say is Hallelujah, it’s wonderful!

    this will tide me over until I get her cd next week.

  • Fan of Susan

    Read Susan’s own book!!

  • diane

    To Rhondelle,

    I read her book and she says she is very happy and thankful to those who gave her opportunities she would never have had before.She is especially thankful to her manager. One of the comments written on youtube was from someone in her hometown who said she is left alone when shopping and doing her chores and is very loved in the community. I am sure though there is a price that comes with fame but she said she would never go back to her previous life when asked during the pope visit.

  • Jeannette

    Rhondelle, I agree with what someone else said. Read her book, it really is VERY good. She finally started to open up.
    She has slight brain damage from birth and she’s very emotional. She’s been ridiculed all of her life and now sure, she’s having some problems adjusting, but she’s accepted in her town and finally has some financial independence, not to mention a feeling of finally accomplishing something.
    Is she happy all the time? No, but she’s happier than she’s ever been and she’s trying very hard to keep going.
    All she wants to do is sing.

  • wendy

    This is beautiful. Susan always leaves me wanting more. Iwish she had done more verses. It was breathtaking.

  • LMG

    This was just beautiful. The feelings, the notes, the sheer amount skin tingling going on…you can’t get this from just anyone. This woman sings like an angel voice and I thank all Gods or Goddess ever worshiped that she had the nerve to get up on that stage, AND STAY, despite the laughing.

    Susan, love, you just keep on singing!

  • Chris

    This version is very understated and still emotional. Well done! I wish it were longer – can she put out a longer version?

  • CBill

    Susan’s version of Hallelujah is without doubt the most exquisite and haunting that I’ve ever heard. Utterly beautiful, showcasing her incredible, crystal clear voice.

  • Grethe Petersen

    I love how Susan sings Halleujah, so peacefully and at the same Time strong.
    Susan has a beautifull Voice, she sings like an Angel, God bless you my dear Susan, Hugs from your French Fan n°1

  • Vicki

    I love Susan Boyle’s rendition of this song! Sensitive, yet powerful. She’s the best singer in the world.

  • Maria

    What can I say? She touched my soul with her voice. Amazing performance!

  • Johnnycake

    When you think she can’t possibly get any better, she outdoes herself. Hallelujah joins Wings To Fly and Wild Horses as another watershed moment in Suisan’s short career to date.

    The original is Cohen at his best and it is great. This is the best of the covers, so much so that it’s virtually a different song. It would be interesting to see them do this together.

  • Entropydecides

    Johnnycake…great idea, I would love to see these two do this song together. I love the original Cohen too. I hope she keeps this song in her repertoire, keeps connecting with it, maybe adds another verse, then shares it with Cohen.

  • Nancy

    I’ve listened to this song several times, and each time I get goosebumps and tears. This is the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. Susan puts so much emotion into the words, and each word is clearly understood. I, like so many others, wish it would go on and on. This is clearly the best version of this song I’ve heard.

  • cicichi

    I have read all the comments ahead of mine, and I agree with almost all. Susan has made this song her own. I listened and I cried, as Susan, again, touches that spot deep within me that recognizes when true art touches that sacred spot in my soul. Susan is a magnificent artist, she uses her voice as her instrument, and she paints, with her voice, a picture that is recognized the world over. I remain mesmerized.

  • PJ NewYork

    I love the comment above that mentions the ‘skin tingling’! That’s it exactly. . .a voice so clear and soulful and honest, so tender and yet so powerful with every note, that spine tingling and skin tingling happen every single time I listen. Susan, you are wonderful!

  • Eva Texas

    Susan’s heavenly version is just awe-inspiring. So much better than kd lang’s.

  • Calli Flanders

    SuBo’s take on this awesome song stacks up just great. To me, the greatest singer in the world. Just a very unique beauty in this voice that stunned the world on the first few notes she sang for us.

  • Deborah Wilbanks

    As long as Susan releases recordings, I’ll always have something wonderful to look forward to; my days will always be brighter.
    K.D. Lang’s version is powerful, truly remarkable. Susan’s has come so far in the last year as a professional and Hallelujah is a testament to her commitment to improvement.
    Susan excelled a year ago, now the subtlety of emotion is astounding.

  • Concerned audiophile

    Would you all be so kind as to listen VERY CAREFULLY after 2:55 on Hallelujah? My CD, my mothers CD and the downloads ive heard all have the same blemish in sound quality :(