Miley Cyrus Asks “Who Owns My Heart” On German TV

Hot on the heels of her racy limo ride in the “Who Owns My Heart” video, Miley Cyrus appeared in Germany yesterday to promote her album Can’t Be Tamed on TV show Wetten Dass. True to her sex-kittenish turn in the video, Miley seemed more determined than ever to prove that she can’t be clothed, either. Take a peep at Miley singing “Who Owns My Heart” (and bidding auf wiedersehen to pants) below.

The Disney-star-turned-late-night-party-girl was clad in a sheer white robe over what appears to be…a very short dress? A onesie? Whatever she’s wearing is so minuscule, we can’t really be certain. Writhing around on the floor looking like a promiscuous angel, Miley seemed intent on testing the theory that Europeans aren’t as prudish as Americans, delivering an energetic and engaging performance of the single on her promo tour leading up to the MTV Europe Music Awards.

We’re all for Miley transitioning to more grown-up fare (and a more grownup look to boot), but this appearance had us less curious about who owns her heart than who owns some pants she could borrow. Maybe Mom Trish was too busy with her working relationship to okay the outfit?

[Via Prophet]

  • Chris

    Given the standing ovation Cyrus got from this German audience–even Danzel Washington gave her an enthusiastic reaction–I would have to say she didn’t just “test” the theory about Europeans being less prudish than Americans, she proved the theory conclusively!

  • nicole

    I likes the performance. i think she sounded really good. I wish she can dance more like bionce does when she performing. It’s more intertaining. I love you miley!!!

  • Lauren

    Hey Miley what happened to you, you seem so different? I mean i understand your growing up and all, but you have a lot of fans that look up to. Young and old. I know your probably going through some rough times, but that doesn’t mean you should go around wearing practically nothing and acting out trying to get attention. Your a great girl, i love your singing and acting, and a lot of the stuff you do. Your good with your fans, just try not to lose them. I have faith that you’ll make things right. isn’t it your DESTINY to bring HOPE to people, CYRUS? I was feeling down one time and i read your book and and i laughed and started to feel better :) but i’m started to wonder if some of the stuff you wrote in there is true? :)