UPDATE: Lou Reed Collaborates With Susan Boyle On “Perfect Day” Video

Judging by the accompanying image, Susan Boyle’s perfect day looks pretty gloomy. But her “Perfect Day” video—which was shot in her home country of Scotland—is actually quite hauntingly beautiful. And now the shocker—Lou Reed, who originally recorded the song, directed the video. (UPDATE: Despite several reports to the contrary, Entertainment Weekly‘s Music Mix reports that Reed’s manager says the singer “didn’t in fact direct it or even travel to Scotland for the shoot.”) Yes, the same Lou Reed who at one point was allegedly involved in holding up Boyle’s live performance of the ’70s ballad on America’s Got Talent two months ago. Watch below!

SuBo, who often gets invited to perform for the likes of the Pope and Oprah Winfrey, will see her sophomore album The Gift hit shelves and digital stores tomorrow (November 9). So relax—that’s Granny and Aunt Edna crossed off the holiday shopping list!

As for the “Perfect Day” vid, Susans croon on a misty pier, in a forest and on a breathtaking mountaintop while shots of sunsets and rainbows flash across the screen. All that’s missing is the cartoon bird landing on her gloved digit.

UPDATE: While he apparently didn’t direct the clip, Music Mix notes that Reed  came up with the concept for the vid, which was shot at Scotland’s Loch Lomond.

PopEater quotes good sport Lou Reed, who says, “I wanted to create a beautiful and intimate piece shot in Susan’s native Scotland and she quickly agreed.”

What do you think of this SuBo/Reed collaboration? Is it your idea of a perfect day?

  • A.D.

    Reed didn’t direct it. His manager told EW.com that he pnly conceptualized it. He was not present at the shoot.

    • Robbie Daw

      Thanks for the update, A.D. Updated!

  • Betty

    I love it. Just Superb. I am one of those Grannies that still has her hearing intact enough to appreciate really good singing. Haven’t spent years listening to ungodly loud noise full throttle in my car or a boombox. I also have to means to buy 20 or 30 of Susan’s CD to give to those who can’t afford them. Music industry and critics might take notice so they won’t make such fools of themselves by referirng to her “fifteen minutes ” of fame and other such BS.

  • jayne janousek

    As susan would say ‘Bloody fantastic’
    I think her music is wonderful!!!!!!

  • cherokee’s mom

    Many folks and critics forget that a “perfect day” is not necessarily about weather, but about attitude and circumstance. Susan’s voice and music are fantastic and she is a great role model of humility, morality, and grace.