Listen To Lee DeWyze’s Album Title Track “Live It Up”

We thought Lee DeWyze’s title track for his debut album, Live It Up, would be his first official single, but instead we were given the Maroon 5/Kris Allen-sounding tune, “Sweet Serendipity“. Reviews on the song were mixed at best, which isn’t exactly great news for a former Idol hoping to strike gold once leaving the confines of the show. Should “Live It Up” have been Lee’s first song out of the gate? Listen to the laid back tune below and let us know.

[wpaudio url="" text="Lee DeWyze - Live It Up" dl="0"]

“You only got one life, one life to live / I wanna give it everything I got / Who knows this might be it for us / So why don’t we live it up, darling,” sings Lee on the chorus.

The track, written by Lee DeWyze, Toby Gad, Lindy Robbins and produced by Gad, is a breezy, free-wheeling, and, well, fairly boring song. It sounds a bit like something Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson would record — but in world where both Mraz and Johnson exist, do we need yet another artist releasing these type of inoffensive, safe, easy listening tunes?

Honestly, where is this man? Why isn’t he recording an album?

  • Valerie

    Uhhh, that may be a filler track for Mraz or Johnson, but it doesn’t sound like a successful single for anybody.

  • Annie

    I actually like both songs, “Sweet Serendipity” and “Live It Up”. Personally, “Live It Up” sounds more like the Lee we were accustomed to on American Idol and I completely disagree that “Live It Up” is “boring” and a “safe” listening tune.

    Playing it “safe” would have been to only do what you expected like your refernce to “Where is THIS Man” with an ie: Treat Her Like A Lady. If he always does more of the same then THAT would be playing in safe in my mind. Afterall, he knows you liked those tunes, right? He did win the show.

    Mixing it up and showing more sides to his artistic ability is awesome and what he wanted to do with the album as he has said over and over in interviews. For that he gets a big…. heck ya, high 5!!

    • oregongoose

      I too like both Sweet Serendipity and Live It Up. Watching his live performances just goes to prove he has real talent and not reliant on studio tweeking. To be compared to either Mraz or Johnson can’t be a bad thing!, But I love the grit in Lee’s voice and can’t wait to hear more!.

  • LMG

    This song does sound like a Mraz song (and I don’t have a clue who Johnson is) but what I like about it is that it still has the grating tone of his that I loved so much that was missing on the first song. Would a song like ‘Treat her line a Lady’ have been better? Probably. But this was still great and will still go on my Ipod and that is all that matters.

  • doglover47

    If ANYBODY thinks that any of Lee’s singles are “boring” or “safe,” then nobody knows good music. I’m just saying. He writes from life experiences and if his CD sounds like these songs, I will be the first to buy it!

  • ZMH

    it always baffles me how talent are wasted for the male american idols. lee’s pretty much like kris allen, who has no memorable personality but impressive understanding of music ( their smart renditions are sold proofs). It’s already too bad there’s nothing to be marketing about them. now they are given predictably weak materials left their ability useless.

  • jen

    I love Treat Her Like a Lady but even I know that isn’t what’s going to sell in today’s music. Obviously you don’t keep uptodate and don’t know what’s current. I won’t give this article any credibility.

    • Becky Bain

      I suppose we’ll have to wait and see how well Lee’s sleepy pop-rock sells, then!

  • Leslie

    @ZMH – Kris Allen has no memorable personality?? BWAHHHAAAHAAA!!! You have your definition of memorable and I have mine. Hmmmmmmm…. Kris Allen!

  • Rob

    To ZMH, it appears you do not follow Kris nor have you been to his concert I’m guessing. I had the good fortune to catch Kris opening for Lifehouse in Boston and I gotta say, he had far more personality than I imagined he would have. I guess if you don’t follow him you would have no way of knowing that. Too bad, you are missing out. One opening concert and I’m a solid fan.

    It’s rather unfortunate that this writer decided to include other artists in an article about Lee’s music.

  • Pam DeDona

    Are you nuts????? boring???????????? I could not believe that when i first listened to this CD i loved EVERY SONG on FIRST HEAR and that is totally totally not the norm for me. It is super – love love love it!!!!!!!!!