Kid Cudi Wants To Be Left Alone On ‘Mr. Rager’ Bonus Track “Maybe”

Kid Cudi released his sophomore LP, Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager today, and in addition to his melancholy set of tunes, we get a listen of an iTunes bonus track, “Maybe.” The fashionable rapper-turned-wannabe rock star is up to his old bag of tricks on this moody-yet-sprightly number. Listen to the “Maniac“‘s latest creation below.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Kid Cudi – Maybe” dl=”0″]

“Maybe I’m not exactly what you want me to be / Maybe you need not worry ’bout me,” Cudi sings in mostly monotone. Forgive us for worrying about the man who gave us an absolutely terrifying album trailer and owns such a large amount of narcotics he needs a larger-than-normal-sized container to hold it all.

Basically, “Maybe” is yet another woe-is-me, introspective, mostly minimalist tune from Cudder. We’re getting a serious case of “been there, done that”-itis. Maybe Cudder experimenting with rock music isn’t such a bad step after all.

What do you think?