Rihanna’s New ‘Loud’ Track “Skin” Will Make You Blush

One listen to naughty dance track “S&M” off Rihanna’s upcoming LP Loud (out November 16) lets us know the Barbadian songstress, who performed at the MTV Europe Music Awards over the weekend, is amping up the sexy on her new album. Case in point: her smoldering new ballad “Skin,” which you can catch after the jump.

“No teasing, you waited long enough / Go deep, I’m-a throw it at you, can you catch it?” Ri Ri sings on the sultry “Skin,” as synths snake around the track before a slow beat kicks in.

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/10-Skin.mp3" text="Rihanna - Skin" dl="0"]

Other choice lyrics: “So why you standing over there with your clothes on? Baby, strip down for me, go and take them off.”

The song’s real hook is the fuzzy electric guitar that begins sawing through the melody about three minutes in, and continues building until it reaches a, er, climactic solo at the very end.

Not bad. The last minute kind of reminds us of Sade’s achingly beautiful “No Ordinary Love,” which was just as sensuous but perhaps a little (okay—a lot) less graphic, lyrically.

So what do you think? Are you feeling Rihanna’s “Skin”?

  • bee


  • Pay Homage

    Skin is one of my favorite from the album. Complicated, California King Bed, Man Down, What’s My Name, Raining Men are also pretty good songs. I will say this is Rihanna’s best album yet

  • sam

    It’s alright. The beat is kinda slow, was kinda expecting a higher tempo after hearing the first verse and chorus.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jana-Cleveland/100001011575202 Jana Cleveland

    That was on fire!

  • http://facebook bria

    ilovee this freaking song!

  • Soph

    The album is amazing!… In love with majority of it… espesh this song… who knew music could be so arousing these days!!! haha California King Bed is also one of my faves… Go rihanna!!! brill cd!! xx

  • http://www.yahoo.com sherell

    oommmqqqqeeeee ilooouuueeeee diss shyt~!!!! ilisten twu it bouwt 10 times euery hour bihh.. lol.. ughh ilike it… no i loue it. ! besstt album !! ilooouuueee yhuuuuu rrriiihhhaaannnaaa !

  • tamia

    shut up

  • tamia

    yes it sure was

  • Tashe`

    I absolutely love this song, the way the beat clashes with Rihanna’s sexy taunting lyrics really is an attention grasper. I think she really knew what she was doing with Skin. The album is also amazing, the best music Ri Ri has offered us so far in my opinion. : )

  • Jeanitha Houze

    Dis good man!

  • Sharda McNeal

    Ooohhh I LOVE this song, it’s my grandma ringtone !!! ; )

  • Tiara Drake

    Ayeeee !

  • Karrina

    Best song from Rihanna to date!!!!!

    Gauranteed to get me in the mood, sexy, slow, with hard, heavy, passionate finish and the lyrics are just amazing!!!


  • http://www.ttdoubleo7.blogspot.com Thato

    I’m just gonna leave a blank space like this—————>>
    to let you fill in the blanks, this song is simply amazing!!!

  • rihanna lover

    this song is the best song by rihanna yet :) it describes me and it’s sexyy

  • SwaqqYOO!

    I LlOVE This Sonqqq!!