Katy Perry Stages Free Show To Launch Windows Phone

Nov 9th, 2010 // Comment

Want to see Katy Perry live in New York City for free? There’s no iPhone app for that — but Bill Gates may have the answer. Katy Perry appeared at Roseland Ballroom in Manhattan last night for a free concert that doubled as the launch party for the Windows Phone, and the purr-fectly sweet pop star put on a high-fructose show. Check out our sugar-coated photos and read all about the Glee-ful singer’s 11-song set here.

True to her yummy Candyland-inspired look from the Teenage Dream album, the Cosmo cover girl emerged in a skimpy purple dress adorned with cupcakes and kicked off with an Elmo-free version of “Hot N Cold.” The buxom songstress did, at one point, appear a little concerned about a possible wardrobe malfunction during her on-stage bouncing, holding her much-ballyhooed bazooms in place and readjusting her dress. Good thing the PTC was nowhere to be found.

Next she launched into a downbeat rendition of her breakout hit “I Kissed A Girl,” and we liked it — especially once it kicked into high gear. When Katy asked the crowd if they were enjoying their “free booze,” a mild uproar rang out as fans informed her drinks were not, in fact, on the house. Katy looked shocked. “Isn’t this Microsoft here? Don’t they own half the world?” Katy taunted, challenging Bill Gates & Co. to pony up next time around.

Having covered her biggest hits from One Of The Boys, Katy switched gears, informing the audience she’d just returned from MTV’s Europe Music Awards in madrid. “I should be having breakfast,” she said, before a smooth transition into a song about “falling in love with a foreigner” – the stellar “E.T.” Next up was “Teenage Dream,” complete with the same dance moves and a capella intro as her iffy performance on Saturday Night Live.

“I know you New Yorkers are very fashionable, so we can call this next one vintage,” Katy announced as she strapped on a guitar, prompting us to wonder what she could sing that would predate “I Kissed A Girl.” “This next song goes out to the old me, who I still love to bring out every once in awhile, and celebrate the most powerful weapon I have: the power of the pen,” she continued. “You want to break my heart? You want to step on a kitten? I will fuck you up in a song.” The crowd cheered as Katy launched into a rousing rendition of “Ur So Gay” (though we’re curious how the “old” Katy differs from present-day Katy — you know, the singer who put the very angry “Circle The Drain” on her latest album).

The highlights of the show were not tried and true hits like “Hot N Cold” and “California Gurls,” but songs we’ve rarely (if ever) seen Katy perform live, such as “E.T.,” “Ur So Gay,” and “Last Friday Night” — complete with a photo montage of Katy and friends partying quite a bit more chastely than the ditty describes (we’re sure Mrs. Russell Brand has more risque photos stashed away somewhere). For her next number, Katy let her colors burst (though her breasts remained intact) with new single “Firework,” a song that apparently works a lot better here than it does overseas.

But perhaps the most rousing moment of the evening was when Katy turned her back to the audience, purring, “I need. I wanna see it. Show it to me,” as she strapped on a brightly-lit tail and let us see her “Peacock.” To close the set, Katy turned things down a notch with pretty ditty “Not Like the Movies” and finished off with “California Gurls” (which doesn’t hold up quite so well in November). The teenage dreamgirl certainly didn’t skimp on her eleven-song set list, even coming back out for an encore with ballad “Thinking of You.” All of her songs held up remarkably well live, with no trace of her recent vocal wobbliness on SNL and at the EMA’s.

As the night wound down, Katy promised her NYC fans she’d tour next year, and pledged to have edible confetti and a venue that smelled of tasty treats. (Maybe they’ll spray Purr everywhere?) Sounds like yet another sweet confection from Miss Perry to look forward to.

Complete set list:

1. Hot N Cold
2. I Kissed A Girl
3. E.T.
4. Teenage Dream
5. Ur So Gay
6. Last Friday Night
7. Firework
8. Peacock
9. Not Like The Movies
10. California Gurls
11. Thinking of You (encore)

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