Kanye West Gets Caught In The “Blame Game” With John Legend And Chris Rock

During his mostly uneventful UStream session, Kanye West revealed that his collaboration with John Legend and Pusha T, “Blame Game”, is his favorite song on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. What we didn’t know til now is that the somber, piano-tinkling track also features a random monologue by comedian Chris Rock. Will “Blame Game” become your favorite track off Yeezy’s latest, too? Listen below.

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/11-Blame-Game-Ft.-John-Legend.mp3" text="Kanye West feat. John Legend, Pusha T & Chris Rock - Blame Game" dl="0"]

The low-key track, focusing on a painful domestic dispute between a couple, has an “Airplanes” feel to it. West splits his personality (which appears to be a common theme in this album) in the song by switching between his normal voice and a deep, distorted bass. (Or is that a demonic Pusha T sharing a dialogue with Kanye?)

The song is pretty epic — it clocks in at nearly eight minutes long. Personally, we’d kill the last two minutes with Rock’s unfocused, not-as-funny-as-we-think-it’s-supposed-to-be rambling, but otherwise, this is quite a beautiful track.


  • Terrence

    song is amazing!

  • Credenza Game

    Love Kanye!

  • ummm

    well i just cried. this is really good.

  • http://winthelottery010.wikispaces.com/How+Do+You+Win+the+Lottery+-+How+to+Pick+Up+the+Lucky+Lottery+Figures Mel Kaatz

    I pretty much attempt to stay in a constant state of confusion just because of the expression it leaves on my face

  • Zach

    Probably my favorite song off of the album. I completely disagree with what you said about the skit at the end though. The first time I heard it I didn’t know it was supposed to be funny and didn’t recognize it as Chris Rock and I thought it was a chilling dramatic dialogue and made it one of my favorite songs by Kanye I’ve heard.

  • J12345

    Becky Bain – do you even understand the point of the skit at the end?

    It’s the conversation that he overheard when the phone accidentally calls him back (re-listen to the last few bars at the end of Kanye’s verse). It adds depth to the song.

    • Becky Bain

      That may be true, but still, it goes on much too long – at least in my opinion. I’ll happily skip to the next track since it’s at the end of the song, so I’m all set!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aaron-Bronow/500608523 Aaron Bronow

    Loving the Aphex Twin lick. Avril 14th from Drukqs makes this track so surreal.

  • lala

    the end makes the song for me.
    I dont think its supposed to be funny, unless its in a painful funny way.
    I think the end is what makes the song break the boarders of mundane normal music to a more developed progressive expression for Kanye

  • tom

    the ending skit, he is taking shots at his former girlfriend amber rose

  • chris

    But the end has meaning. She keeps talking about Kanye and how he taught her what he likes to spite him. Also the watch she got him was obviously from Kanye’s money just adding sooooo much depth and clarity . Its also Hilarious.

  • Greg

    Features the piano part from an Aphex Twin song.