We Propose A Toast To OK Go’s Latest Stop-Motion Video

OK Go making a brilliant, creative, quirky music video is totally expected at this point. (And often critiqued by people who somehow have a problem with ingenuity.) In fact, it would be a disappointment if the fellas in the band phoned in any clip they put their name on. Thankfully, that’s not the case with their video for “Last Leaf”, a stop-motion video comprised of 2,430 pieces of toast. Watch it below — and bring along a ton of butter and jam.

OK Go – “Last Leaf”

The video was directed by OK Go, Nadeem Mazen and Ali Mohammad of Serious Business Design, filmed in partnership with Samsung. They used Samsung’s nifty NX100 iFn camera, taking 15 still shots for every second of video.

The clip reminds us of some of our favorite other stop-motion animated videos, particularly Coldplay’s “Strawberry Swing“… except it takes place on our breakfast.

Did OK Go top themselves again? Tell us in the comments.