Who Did “Whataya Want From Me” Better — Adam Lambert Or Pink?

Nov 10th, 2010 // 52 Comments

On the international editions of her Greatest Hits… So Far!!! compilation, Pink is releasing her recording of “Whataya Want From Me”, the song she co-wrote with Shellback and Max Martin that ended up being a hit for Adam Lambert on his debut LP. Should Pink have kept it for herself and placed it on Funhouse, as was the original plan? Jump below to compare both pop star’s takes on the infectious, emotional tune.

We all know what Adam’s version sounds like — it did peak at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 back in the Spring, and stayed on the charts for several weeks — but here it is again anyway:

Now listen to Pink’s version, recorded for Funhouse:

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Whataya-Want-From-Me.mp3" text="Pink - Whataya Want From Me" dl="0"]

Pink uses the exact same arrangement, down to the very last detail. Hey, if it ain’t broke, Adam Lambert didn’t have to fix it when Pink handed it over to him.

So who did it better, the badass, possibly with child singer, or the paparazzi-confronting, exquisitely glam crooner? Or are both recordings way too similar to one another, there’s no way for one to “best” the other?

We’re raising our glass to both versions, but while you’re deciding between both songs to pick your favorite, listen to another new track from Pink’s Greatest Hits… So Far!!! album, the sad-but-upbeat tune about trying to fix a relationship, “Heartbreak Down.”

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/HeartBreakDown.mp3" text="Pink - Heartbreak Down" dl="0"]
  1. KiwiGlambert

    Obviously Adam Lambert.

  2. BK

    Pink rocked this one! She should have kept the song. It sounds so much better in her voice. I never cared too much for Adam’s version.

  3. scc

    I like adam’s because I prefer his voice. It’s a great song.

  4. Kay

    I like both version but prefer Adam’s.

  5. Dera

    Pink co-wrote WWFM and used Adam’s arrangement. Love the original WWFM SANG by Adam Lambert. She sounded just okay!

  6. Eri9

    Pink does sing it well, and if I’d never heard Adam’s version, would love it. I love Pink and all her music – she’s extremely talented.
    However in this instance Adam’s version is far more powerful and emotional, in my opinion…..
    Maybe if she’d changed the arrangement / backing to make it “her own” rather than what is now simply a “cover” of Adam’s version…..
    Have travelled overseas twice to see Adam – if I had the $$ I’d be following him around Europe right now! :)

  7. Mamo

    A fan of both. Personally, I like Adam’s voice better. Given Adam’s situation after the AMAs, the song took on a whole new level of meaning.

  8. Bjo

    Adam Lambert definitely. His voice has an unmatched power and beauty. It’s kind of weird that Pink does such a carbon-copy of his arrangement and vocal style.

  9. kms

    Although I am also a fan of P!nk, I think Adam’s vocals and musical nuances are more powerful and superior. Even she admitted during her performance of this song in Germany that she gave it to a guy who can sing it better.

  10. Cinenke

    Definitely prefer Adam’s version……much more powerful and moving.

  11. Karin

    Here we go. I like Pink a lot. I love Adam. Stop pitting them against each other. I prefer Adam’s arrangement and his voice and the song will forever be his in my eyes. However, Pink wrote it and without her he wouldn’t have that hit, so let’s just drop it.

  12. Della

    Adam has the most beautiful and powerful voice ever. He puts so much emotion and passion into every song he sings. I much prefer his version to Pink’s.

  13. Kay

    Adam for sure. I like Pink’s version but there is no pop artist out today that can compete with Adam’s vocals. Even Pink said that Adam sang it better so there ya go.

  14. melody

    I like Pink but love Adam’s vocals on WWFM.. very emotional . Pink can’t hold a candle to Adam’s voice. Since she co-wrote the song,she makes money every time it gets played,whether by Adam or by herself.

  15. Nan

    Like both, but Adam’s voice sets his version apart! Can’t beat his vocals!!!!!!

  16. Brimeon

    I mean…I like P!nk’s new song :)

  17. Jay

    Great song Pink! but Adam’s vocals… wow!

  18. lynne

    I love Pink, but I came to love this song with Adam singing it, and so I will always prefer his vocal on it, but Pink is great, and she wrote a good song that is even better when Adam sings it live, especially with the emotion he brings to it.

  19. BodyNBrain

    I love both artists, but prefer Adam’s version. More depth, more connection, more emotions. And his vocals are in a league of their own anyway. Kudos to Pink for writing it though.

  20. Raccoon

    pink is pink, great singer and song writer. But also the dude has mad vocals, I give it to Lambert, hands down.

  21. RYK101

    i like pink, i’m not a fan of adam but he can sing!

    and to be honest, adam sings this much better, he made it his own

  22. algal

    Definitely Adam. Not sure why Pink covered this song with the same backing track — it would have been better if she’d changed it up a little. Also, listen to her backing vocals and compare them to Adam’s version — his are fantastic; hers not so much.

  23. PhilV

    should have been P!nk’s me thinks

  24. I feel like P!nk robbed herself of a great hit. I think Adam did it better because he sang it first.. Idk its just one of those too close to call sides..

  25. Derrick

    You are an idiot, he is the one that did the carbon copy of the song, she co-wrote it and recorded it, all he did was put his vocals on the song. Think before you speak next moron.

  26. Derrick

    And the above is in reference to BJO’s comment.

  27. Adam lambert def. sang it much better! (I’m not hating on P!nk Okay, I’m not a hater)

  28. ADAM LAMBERT because he sang it with more emotion and his vocals are amazing!

  29. ADAM LAMBERT!<3333(:!

  30. Ally

    Adam totally!

  31. Taurus

    pink has more clear&great voice

  32. frisky

    Pink’s voice is far more soulful. Adam’s voice is more pop, however, he is not so seasoned a performer. Pink’s producer didn’t make her version as commercial as Adam’s. That is the major difference here.

  33. I think they both sound good. I enjoy hearing Pink sing it more. Why don’t they both try and sing it together. That would be HOT!

  34. RadioHysteria

    I love both but I prefer Adam’s version

  35. virg


  36. s5816

    I Liked Adam’s version ofcourse.. i love his voice

  37. negriiiiii!!!!

    get in there P!NK is sooo much better she is awesome her voice and music has so much emotion and meaning adam just copied the song!!

  38. Dacia

    ADAM is the best!

    First: Adam is a master showman; live show or not, he communicates waves of EMOTION to the audience. THIS IS OUTSTANDING!,. Pink is good but ADAM is way better!
    Second: Nobody-at this time –has a voice and range that can be compared with ADAM’s. POINT.
    After listening to a lot of Adam’s music, I realized HOW MUCH BETTER HE IS compared to other singers (Pink is included).
    Third: If I were Pink, I would do anything BUT letting myself to be directly compare to Adam. She did not bring anything new with her interpretation, just a copy that sounded “not as good as ADAM’s”:

    Conclusion: Pink’s version (compared to ADAM’s) shows: less emotion, less voice, just a copy.
    ADAM wins.


  39. EmilyMaria

    Well, no question, Adam is much better. His mellifluous voice makes the song better. I listen Adam’s version of Whataya want from me hundreds of time and I really LOVE it. Adam is my fav singer on the planet. Hope to see him someday. :)

  40. EmilyMaria

    No, I listened to Pink’s and it sounded like something is missing.

  41. indigo

    Adam Lambert has superior vocals and he connect with the song emotionally, sounds more genuine not just singing words. Hands down, ADAM LABERT.

  42. ItsAustinBitch

    I hate how people are saying that P!nk copied Adam.
    Adam just released his first.
    And it’s P!NK’s SONG, so the emotion behind the song obviously comes better in P!nk’s track, because they’re her words and her emotions.
    P!nk didn’t use Adam’s track, Adam used P!nk’s.
    Obviously, I think P!nk’s shows what the song is supposed to sound like, it’s a bit raw, and you can feel her heart in it.
    Now, I’m NOT an Adam hater, I love him and his version is awesome, but P!nk’s just blows his out of the water, I’m sorry.
    That’s my take on it… you just can’t say that Adam connects more to the words when they are P!nk’s words to begin with.

  43. Lisa

    P!nk most definitely. She’s got the superior vocals–emotion and soul. Hitting high notes does not equal great vocals. There’s a lot more to it than that, and I just don’t hear it in Adam’s voice.

  44. john

    The other reason I believe Pink gave this song to Adam Lambert is they actually have very similar timbre or tonal quality. When she sings “Raise your glass” I hear Adam’s timbre. So in fact they’re quite similar.
    I agree, they should probably duo it.

  45. Anonymous

    If you ask me, they both sound pretty similar, I like them both. I’m a fan of Adam Lambert and, without letting my favouritism get in the way, I can honestly say that I think Adam’s version is better. No, really! It seems more emotional, and his voice is just a-maz-ing!

    I’m so grateful that Pink kindly gave this song to Adam. She herself admits that Adam sings it better than her.

    If Adam was a female, he would probably sound a lot like Pink! They both have killer vocals. :)

  46. Ieva

    I love Pink and everything whatshe does, and i like her version of this song, but this song fits to Adam more :)

  47. Qwerty

    You guys all realize that she recorded it before he did? So he used all the same arrangements as her?

  48. Jaqui

    I love P!nk & think she’s a great singer, performer and writer. I like Adam’s sound better, it’s more musical. If Adam’s didn’t exist I think it would have been a hit for her. P!nk & Adam have a lot in common musically, I think they should write together and sing at least one song together.

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