Robyn Keeps Dancing On Her Own On ‘Jimmy Fallon’

Robyn is in the midst of her U.S. tour (catch her in funky Minneapolis on Sunday), and gave her summer jam “Dancing On My Own” yet another push on these shores by performing it live on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. We still never get tired of watching the “Time Machine” singer bust her trademark inspired pop moves live. So come on—is it too much to ask radio to allow this song finally shake a tail feather onto some Top 40 playlists?

  • John

    The push was supposed to start this week, so the timing is good. Dunno how it’s doing add-wise, though. Wasn’t Kylie supposed to go to radio this week, too?

    • Robbie Daw

      Well, the fact that Kylie’s doing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade means I just might have to watch for the first time since Rick Astley Rickrolled all of NYC a few years back.

  • Lisa

    I checked the addboard, and the song did alright with adds the first week (11 adds-it went for adds November 2), but this week it only got 2 adds. Most of the stations that have added it are the more independent-minded stations that tend to take chances on different artists, or stations that add nearly everything. No big market stations yet.

    I hope that things can pick up, but I almost think this song is too good for Top 40 radio, which is mostly a wasteland for disposable music. It’s sad that such a terrible format is the primary promotional tool for mainstream music and without it pop artists have a tough time selling anything.