Let The Conspiracy Theories Begin On Michael Jackson’s “Keep Your Head Up”

Another song from the upcoming Michael Jackson album, Michael (Dec. 14), surfaced today, the uplifting, anthemic ballad, “Keep Your Head Up”, which reminds us of his hit single, “Will You Be There.” But much like with “Breaking News“, the track is under scrutiny whether it truly features the King of Pop’s vocals, and if Sony isn’t being completely forthright regarding the validity of the track. Listen below and judge for yourself.

Michael Jackson — “Keep Your Head Up”

“Keep your head up to the sky / We could just rise up, tell me now / Give me your wings so we can fly,” softly sings Michael… it is, Michael, right?

On first listen, we were entirely convinced this could be none other than our beloved King of Pop singing on the track, full stop. But if you pay attention closely at the end, Jackson’s vocal runs from “Earth Song” are unmistakeably present and repeated as the backup choir sings and claps.

We’re not exactly thrilled Sony would take one part of a Michael Jackson song and reappropriate it in order to flesh out another, but that doesn’t mean Jackson isn’t singing lead vocals. (It certainly does sound like him.) Still, we remain a bit suspicions how much is really him (and how much more of the song is lifted and spliced together from previous recordings). We’re sure the Jackson estate should be launching another investigation and drafting a response letter to fans any minute now.

What say you, folks? Is this Michael, a really good impersonator, or a little bit of both? And is this song worthy of being added to MJ’s legacy?

[That Grape Juice]