Let The Conspiracy Theories Begin On Michael Jackson’s “Keep Your Head Up”

Another song from the upcoming Michael Jackson album, Michael (Dec. 14), surfaced today, the uplifting, anthemic ballad, “Keep Your Head Up”, which reminds us of his hit single, “Will You Be There.” But much like with “Breaking News“, the track is under scrutiny whether it truly features the King of Pop’s vocals, and if Sony isn’t being completely forthright regarding the validity of the track. Listen below and judge for yourself.

Michael Jackson — “Keep Your Head Up”

“Keep your head up to the sky / We could just rise up, tell me now / Give me your wings so we can fly,” softly sings Michael… it is, Michael, right?

On first listen, we were entirely convinced this could be none other than our beloved King of Pop singing on the track, full stop. But if you pay attention closely at the end, Jackson’s vocal runs from “Earth Song” are unmistakeably present and repeated as the backup choir sings and claps.

We’re not exactly thrilled Sony would take one part of a Michael Jackson song and reappropriate it in order to flesh out another, but that doesn’t mean Jackson isn’t singing lead vocals. (It certainly does sound like him.) Still, we remain a bit suspicions how much is really him (and how much more of the song is lifted and spliced together from previous recordings). We’re sure the Jackson estate should be launching another investigation and drafting a response letter to fans any minute now.

What say you, folks? Is this Michael, a really good impersonator, or a little bit of both? And is this song worthy of being added to MJ’s legacy?

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  • LMG

    I’m replying before I even listen to the song because I have a statement to make and it is this::: Does it really matter if MJ is singing this as a true song or that it was ‘spliced’ together?

    For me NO!

    I could careless if this song was word for word taken from previous times he sang and was put together to make this song. As long as it is him singing I don’t care. And the fans that loved his singing shouldn’t either. For goodness sakes the man is dead and when alive lived a life where many ridiculed and laughed at him. If it is him singing then it is not a fake…the only way I would care one way or the other was if IT WAS NOT HIM SINGING!!!!!

    (calms down) Now, I am going to listen to the song and enjoy it, as I think all of us should do….

  • Stranger

    I have mixed feelings about this song. The recent speculations regarding the authenticity of the songs on the up-coming album and the release of Breaking News it-self have played with my mind and effected me significally, I almost can not recognize my Idol. I was able to hear a Michael song and feel and know its Michael. I may be still under the influence, anyway I still like this one track.

  • Carolane

    Good song, but I don’t think it’s him. They only using him to make more money. They’re looking for a new Michael Jackson to take advantage of… That’s only someone singing a bit like him I beleive.

  • alli

    Just like Breaking News, it is NOT MJ singing. Sony must think the fans are idiots. I’m not buying this album unless they take the phony tracks out.

  • http://inrepair.net Brian

    Beautiful, beautiful song. Makes me miss him even more.

  • Weffie

    Of course it’s him. I think its cool that they spliced in parts of Earth Song – reminds of us his genius and love of humanity. Why do people have to be so cynical. There is no denying this is him. Its just the type of song he would produce.

  • Vahid


  • Vahid

    I never gonna buy a MJ Album again cuz I won’t support this! And I’m one of his greatest fans! I hate Sony like MJ did!

  • Jo

    THIS is MJ!! I’m sure! I hear him!

  • susan

    It certainly is MJ and i am buying this album, MICHAEL. Whatever other people say, i believe it is him singing and i can’t wait to listen to all the songs in the album. Guys, don’t let other people confuse you, trust your instinct and listen to it closely and you will feel MJ’s emotions in this song. It may not be the type of MJ finish but definitely his voice.

  • Vicky

    This is absolutely MJ. He has the right vibration in his voice. I have been a fan for over 20 years now and yes the song has bits where Michael sings and chorus sings but it is Michael. It is definitely Michael. Just listen to him saying “cope” and compare that with the way he sang “cope” in other songs with that crying like accent to it. My verdict is 100% Michael is singing this and yes there is a bit of chorus but that is just the way the song is.

  • Meer-Maid

    this is ridicilous!!!! What a foul play. I will eat my hat if this is NOT Michael. Folks, please! What is going on. This is a BAD game. Stop that. That’s not good for MICHAEL.

  • Stanley

    This is definitely Michael Jackson- there is absolutely no way anyone could emulate the inflection and emotion in his voice. There was definitely going to be some post-production that needed to be done to finish the songs… but still… its definitely him on vocals…

  • Mj fan number one

    Again people who says that this is michael singing i think you are wrong.
    The singer here a doin a pretty amazing job copying the vocals of michael but he cant reach some of the very high notes with the same smoothess without changing his voice. But to make it up they put Michaels real vocals in between. A cut and paste job who end out pretty good ? Hmm if the songs has been in a unfinished state but could be potential hits do you belive that sony would miss that chance?

    I like the songs and if its not michael on all of them i can live with that.
    Cant wait for the albums release but hope all the money will go to his children.

  • http://www.michaeljacksonbeat.blogspot.com R.J.

    Thing is the Casio’s said way back in September that all twelve tracks were finished back in 2007(now we know they weren’t).

    Of all the work he did from 2002-2009, there’s no way nothing was finished. Sony/Estate has ruined there chances of making the moola(makes no sense).

  • Jenny

    I think it’s a mix of both. He probably recorded it a few times, and after his death Sony found it, and added a few touches by taking his vocals from other released songs.

    Whatever happened, it shouldn’t have been released. Everyone knows Michael was a perfectionist, and he’s rolling in his grave with a whole album being released of songs he never approved. I’m a perfectionist as well, and I can’t even express how much this would upset me if I were in Michael’s position. I don’t think posthumous albums should be released period, unless it is completely done and would have been released as is had the artist still been alive.

  • ashley crombie

    It’s not MJ! It’s Jason Malachi!

  • Catwok

    It sure does not sound like MJ on those 3 tracks, but it does sound exactly like Jason Malachi. They are great songs but I don’t know that they belong on an MJ album. The problem with paying Sony for MJ material is that you’re allowing them to profit from murdering him.