Rihanna Performs “Only Girl” For ‘Graham Norton’

Nov 13th, 2010 // 2 Comments

While Rihanna may not exactly be the sole female on Earth per her desires, it’s quite possible she is the only musical guest on TV this month, seeing as she’s appeared on virtually every program known to man all across the world. Clearly RiRi hasn’t been taking our advice to heart — she popped up on The Graham Norton Show to sing “Only Girl (In The World)” yet again, this time for a UK audience. How’d she do? Check it out after the jump.

Unfortunately, practice has yet to make perfect with this one — the Loud redhead looks radiant as ever, but her vocals leave a lot to be desired, leading to plenty of awkward discordant moments with the backtrack. No thanks to her lackluster energy during the number, this is one of the island beauty’s weakest live performances of the jam yet.

Considering that “What’s My Name” is #1 on the charts, it’s definitely time for the People’s Chosen diva to change her tune. At this point, even an assist from Shy Ronnie would be an improvement.

  1. Alex

    I dont understand, she sounds great if you ask me. either yall are being to critical, hating, or just dont know what you’re talking about. because as a non fan this is better then most of her wack performances, and metter then katy or gaga does..ijs

  2. I love the new Rihanna video What’s My Name!

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