Ke$ha Shows Her Emotional Side On “The Harold Song”

Robbie Daw | November 16, 2010 10:18 am

After her chart-topping supposed gay pride anthem “We R We R,” tongue-in-cheek dance jam “Blow,” down and dirty promo single “Sleazy” and so-wrong-yet-so-write title track to upcoming mini album Cannibal, Ke$ha appears to have mellowed out long enough to record heart-tugging tune “The Harold Song.” Listen to a minute-long clip of the dollar sign pop diva’s latest lament below. “…when you took me across the world we promised that this would last forever, but now I see it was my past life, a beautiful time, drunk off of nothing but each other till the sunrise,” Ke$ha reminisces on the moody ballad.

Alas, things didn’t exactly end so happily ever after. “They say that true love hurts but this could almost kill me,” Ke$ha sings on the chorus.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Ke$ha – The Harold Song” dl=”0″] Silly Harold. Didn’t he learn anything from the beach-loving pop singer‘s Animal album track “Stephen”? If there are two girls in the music biz you don’t date, they are Taylor Swift and Ke$ha—unless, of course, you don’t mind a song bearing your name that details your worse traits being released to the masses.

Maybe Harold should just go after Susan Boyle. At least she sticks with doing covers. But then again, if she wound up covering “The Harold Song,” that would kind of suck.

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