Ke$ha Explains Where The Dollar Sign Came From

Nov 16th, 2010 // Comment

Ke$ha has previously claimed that the dollar sign in her name is purely for ironic intentions, but in this Funny or Die biography, the beach fiend and brokenhearted chanteuse is changing her overproduced, robotically-enhanced tune — apparently, the alternative “s” in her moniker came from one fateful birthday at Shakey’s Pizza. Behold the frightening tale of K-Dolla’s dollar below.

“It ruined my life,” Ke$ha says of the Shakey’s Pizza who substituted a “$” in her name on their sign when they ran out of S’s. “I wanted to be a CPA. But you know who H&R Block doesn’t hire? People with dollar signs in their name. I pretty much had to be a pop star.”

Poor girl. Let’s all hold a candelit vigil to hope she somehow recovers from this “downward spiral of success and fame.”


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