“Sweet Serendipity” Is Watching Over Lee DeWyze In His New Video

Strange that Lee DeWyze is seen driving around in the opening of his “Sweet Serendipity” video, since the first line of the song is “I ain’t got no car and I’ve got one pair of jeans…” At any rate, the clip is a cutesy Will boy meet girl? affair that finds Lee and a sweet young brunette strolling around the city separately, seemingly destined to never bump into each other. But come on—you know how this is going to end up.

Lee places cut-out letters all across town, scavenger hunt-style, that our heroine goes about collecting. (We find that they spell out “sweet serendipity,” naturally.) The big reveal at the end is that the American Idol champ is waiting for the her outside her apartment, holding two cups from Starbucks—just what every girl dreams of!

It’s a charming premise, albeit one that—like the John Mayer-lite song “Sweet Serendipity” itself—paints DeWyze as a PG-rated adult contemporary artist. We just wonder if, deep inside, the rock-leaning crooner is okay with that?

Lee’s debut LP Live It Up was released today.

  • http://na jimmyq

    this video is sick!!! not into the song but its a cool concept for sure.

  • Lisa

    Hmmmm… why doesn’t he try some ointment for that fungal growth underneath his chin?

  • LMG

    I LOVE his voice especially when it goings down into the gravel-like, down-to-earth, freaking sexy, tone. Unfortunetly there is not enough of that in this song! It’s cute and all but I still wish there had been more of that and less than the auto-tuned tone we got. I am looking forward to the next song he picks out and hope that his lable gives him some lee-way or he will end up like all the other winners that people loved on the show but were quickly forgotten when it was over.

  • http://Www.YouTube.com Miley

    This video is…well…amazing :) Lee is an awesome singer, and I look forward to more music videos from him <3