Ke$ha Performs A Mini-Concert For Her Australian Fans

Nov 16th, 2010 // Comment

Ke$ha, who went through hell to adopt that dollar sign in her stage name, performed on a rooftop overlooking Sydney, Australia for The Dirt, a show whose name could not be more appropriate for the grime-loving pop star. K-Dolla wore a pair of giant feathered shoulderpads and, to complete the aviary look, slapped on a pair of brightly lit glasses that turned her into a steampunk owl. Watch the “Sleazy” animal’s five-song set below.

“Your Love Is My Drug”

“TiK ToK”

“We R Who We R”

“Take It Off”


What’s destined to haunt your nightmares more — Ke$ha devouring your flesh in song form, or this image:

Picture 2

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