Christina Aguilera’s ‘Burlesque’ Ballad “Bound To You” Is Beautiful

Although we here at Idolator like to joke about how laughable much of the movie musical Burlesque looks (from the poster to the scenes themselves), we know something brilliant when we hear it — the film’s ballad, “Bound To You”, co-written by Sia Furler, Samuel Dixon and the film’s ingenue-turned-flashdancer, Christina Aguilera, is a gorgeous, controlled tune, and could be the frontrunner to nab next year’s Best Original Song Oscar. Listen to it below.

The instrumentation reminds us of Aguilera’s “You Lost Me” and “Lift Me Up”, both on Bionic. We’d say this song should have joined them on Bionic, but there were already enough ballads on the overstuffed LP. (Although we can’t say we would have minded if Christina scrapped the desperate sex-minded tracks and released an album entirely made up of sweeping ballads, which is pretty much the one type of song she can nail every single time.)

Powerful, emotional and gripping, “Bound To You” is Christina at her best. We almost don’t know what a song this gutwrenchingly beautiful is doing in a movie that appears to relish in its eye-winking cheesiness.

Thoughts on Xtina’s latest Burlesque number? Will you be picking up the soundtrack?

[That Grape Juice]

  • thina

    is sooo beutiful! nmb 1111111111111

  • Tory

    Boring. Yawn. Sounds like old school Mariah, only not as good. All I can hear is her bitchy ugly face. She really has ruined things for me with her awful attitude. I just picture her talking trash to everyone in the studio while recorded. Such a waste. She just turns everyone off.

  • unknown

    @Tory: Do you know her? As in, do you know her in person? It’s not a sarcastic or rhetorical question, I’m asking you plain and simple. As someone who just listens to what she puts out musically, and what you watch on interviews, is that enough to judge someone?

    I have no idea what she’s like really but I would never say such hateful things. It’s like me telling people that YOU are a good-for-nothing bitch who has too much time on your hands so you waste it dishing out crap you can’t take back. Really. All I can see when I read your comment is your fat, ugly, probably near-suicidal face due to a massively detrimental inferiority complex.

    That’s all.

  • Tired

    I totally agree with unknown in regards to Tory, well said!

    I love Xtina, she is a very talented, beautiful, strong woman who blows everyone else out of the water vocally.

    So far I love the music for her movie and yes I will buy it. I also loved a lot of the music from Bionic. She is one hell of a performer and dancer.

    I am tired of everyone feeling the need to put her down because she is gifted and talented but we throw Britney a pity party and cheer her on and she is nothing but a no talent pig.

  • Annie

    Sounds like you lost me part 2 nothing special.

  • Brandon Hall

    @Tory, Aside from the fact that this sounds nothing like “old school Mariah”(do you even know who Mariah is?), Christina has and always will be in a league of her own and secondly, calling someone as gorgeous as Christina Aguliera ugly, how ridiculous can you get? Hilarity!

    As always Xtina sound’s amazing here she really has became the queen of fantastic ballads and this falls perfectly in her portfolio of vocal perfection. Burlesque is going to have one superb soundtrack.

  • Sally

    Love the song! She is amazing and I cannot wait to see the movie and buy the tickets!

  • LMG

    It’s very beautiful and one I would listen to over and over again. This is talent people! Just like I have been saying for a while. A talent is one who can string more than 2 notes together and not miss with tone, quality, and heart.

  • Xtina_Voicelera_always_wins


    Christina has been recording songs that are too epic since the 90s and… I am always baffled and amazed by her perfect vocal style and music. I’ll never get over it. This is just too good. Fantastic epic flawless voice.

    I really cannot wait to buy the soundtrack!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J


  • Nano

    You do not know her enough to say all you said, that makes you just one HATER more, I feel bad cause there is people like you dishing talented people, it must be envy I guess.

  • Nano

    I bet this will get her a golden globe and an academy award

  • Jared

    LOL you were so damn right from the very beginning!

  • Sara

    I agree with you, screw the haters. I really like this song, but maybe its not for everyone. Doesn’t mean you have to go mean hating on people. Christina has one of the most amazing controlled voices out there right now, and she shows it in this ballad. I say, screw the haters, i’ll be laughing at all the bashers once she wins the oscar for it. :)