Dr. Dre Reunites With Eminem For “I Need A Doctor”

Just a day after Dr. Dre affirmed his planned return with the punchy “Kush”, the iconic producer (aka Andre Young) is back with a new jam — and an old friend. The good doctor is joined by his sorta-popular protege Eminem for the scathing “I Need A Doctor”, a glitchy but incendiary track in which Em takes Dre to task for wallowing in self-doubt and ultimately short-changing his career. Is the doctor ready for a check-up? Listen below. This might sting a bit…

[wpaudio url="http://cdn.idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/i-need-a-doctor-dr-dre.mp3" text="Dr. Dre f/ Eminem & Skylar Grey - I Need A Doctor" dl="0"]

Eminem pulls no punches in an extended verse that feels edged with honest disappointment, wrapped in a “Not Afraid”-style pep talk. “Seems like your own opinion is not one you can form / Can’t make a decision / You keep questioning yourself, second guessing, it’s almost like you’re begging for my help / Like I’m your leader, you’re supposed to be my mentor / I can endure no more / Don’t you remember who you are?” Um, ouch.

Dre, sounding a little disappointed himself, laments the “backstabbers” who abandoned him in recent years as he wrestled not only with completing his Detox album but the 2008 death of his son. Ultimately, Dre says, critics who have joked about his long absence will be the ones left in turmoil once he drops Detox, which he has said will be his final album:  “One more CD / then I’m packing up my bags / And as I’m leaving I guarantee / They’ll scream ‘Dre don’t leave us like that, man’

If the track recalls Em’s smash “Love The Way You Lie”, there’s a good reason — both were produced by hot newcomer Alex Da Kid. There’s some chatter that this track may be destined for a re-release of Eminem’s Recovery, though it might work well as a sort of explanation for Detox. Then again, perhaps the only answer Dre owes anyone at this point is another hot track.

  • heststh

    WTF Detox is gunna SUCKKKK

  • J. Porter

    I wish that the conversation will one day change, regarding Andre Jr’s death to allow a grieving family to grieve ! I am sure Dre is tired of hearing it!

  • Steps of the White

    Poster above me is high. That song was hot. Had more feeling to it than the entire new Kanye album. (Though it did remind me of how much I’d love to hear a Dre/Em/Jay/Ye ultimate collabo track).

    All Dre needs to do is drop the album; seems like we’re finally getting close.

  • biff

    Kush is ok but very disappointing for a Dre production. I need a doctor is quite possibly the worst song Dre has ever made. I couldn’t stand to listen to all of that noise any longer.

    To make us wait 11 years I would expect every song to be a platinum hit. If either one of these songs are on the album I will cry.

  • Stanley

    If you’re a fan of Em and Dre- how could you dislike this song?! HOT….. can’t wait til the mastered version….

  • http://www.kennycurcio.com K Cursh

    I’ve got a lot of respect for Em and Dre. Hopefully this album will drop soon and be awesome…

  • http://dfjgydhxioshdg helen avison

    eminem is my hero, i have all his tattoos and i show then to little kids.

  • http://cometforineedadocter eric

    ok people who are reading this i love hip-hop rap and pop.and you know i love the
    song so much and bad.it so populer at my school.we even sing it and evan the teachers and princabuls.it has a relly good rethume and baet.and it also has relly
    good lyrics and i love M&M and Dr.Dare and last but not laest Gray Skiller.they are so
    good,i maen dame good,you know what i maen by this atall??????

  • http://cometforineedadocter eric

    Eric ya your right.
    so dame right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://cometforineedadocter eric

    look i agree with you.
    hell ya right man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://facebook ms.shady

    dr.dre and eminem were ment to be friends, im so greatful that they met…if they wouldnt have,then there might have been no eminem. eminem is my idol,althoah im a girl. hes changed peoples lives, and helped me through so much of my life. ive even written him a song. dre, im such a big fan yours too. your just as important, and i have to say, you two killed that song! i couldnt begin to say what talent you two have. age isnt slowing either one of you down,AND IT BETTER NOT. i dont care if your 90 and rappin bout bein in a nursing home… slim shady u ROCK , i gots respect for you. and dre, your a great guy,not many people would risk thier career for someone, but if you didnt , and eminem would have never become famous and wrote songs… i proly wouldnt be here. theres so much more i want to say,but there are the only ones that are going through my head right now, “i love and need you two, you give people hope that life will get better, and theres hope for people like me and millions of others in the world”. i love and respect you two, sincerily:your biggest fan

  • http://facebook ms.shady

    i know thats rite man, they gonna kill them songs ! <3 <3 <3

  • http://facebook ms.shady

    i know rite man, that song was hot! my opinion is when that person writes a song,gets it on the radio,and then it becomes a hit… then you can diss thier sh’ , but untill then you can either roll wid da music,or shut up , dat person dont know what they tlkin bout. its a honor jjust to listen to dat song , like em said in his song suck my di*k “if you dont like his sh’ then you can suck his di*k” :)