Ke$ha Has A Girlie-Man Problem In ‘Cannibal’ Track “Grow A Pear”

Nov 18th, 2010 // 8 Comments

As if both “Stephen” and “The Harold Song” weren’t enough of a deterrent for any guy looking to date pop tigress Ke$ha, she has officially served up the ultimate tell-of tune in the form of Cannibal‘s “Grow A Pear”. Head below to listen. And, guys—it’s best if you wear some protective gear.

Where to begin with Ke$ha’s lyrical zingers here?:

* “I signed up for a man but you are just a bitch.”

* “I just can’t date a dude with a vadge.”

* “I think you’re hot, I think you’re alright, but you’re acting like a chick all the time.”

* “When I first met you, panties droppin’… One day you asked if we could just talk and that’s the reason why I’m walkin’.”

* “I’m not tryin’ to be rude and crude but I just wanted one thing from you and you got confused.”

* “And, no—I don’t want to see your man-gina.”

Now sit back and prepare for a verbal lashing from Ke$ha:

[wpaudio url="" text="Ke$ha - Grow A Pear" dl="0"]

“Grow A Pear” is vulgar. It’s utterly misandrous. It’s everything that’s wrong with society and its enforcement of gender stereotypes. And, yeah—sigh—we kind of love it.

Cannibal is out Monday, November 22.

  1. Hannah

    Lol, misandrous, really? More like misogynistic, considering she’s setting up being like a woman as the most debasing thing a guy could do.

  2. Hannah, I was gonna say the same thing, everything derogatory about the guy is based on femininity as being undesirable and inferior. Ke$ha keeps the enlightenment going.

  3. #1ke$hafan

    I LOVE IT!!!

  4. LMG

    Haven’t listened to it yet…honestly, I’m kinda afraid to based on the lyrics. But what the hell, maybe it has a good beat?

  5. LMG

    ok…wasn’t sure what a vadge was at first…that’s a new word for my vocabulary list so thanks for that.

    otherwise…I hilarous. good beat too.

  6. Jord Dann

    i love this song. i laughed out loud while i tapped my toe and shook my booty. this girl is not afraid to say anything. she’s really funny. i think i want to hang out with her.

  7. Ivy

    kesha i love your songs but you need to settle with one guy

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