Timbaland Releases New Missy Elliott Track “Swat Dat Fly”

Responding to fans who want to know why he didn’t release a track with longtime collaborator Missy Elliott on his Shock Value II project, Timbaland (via an uploaded vlog) explains that the album was “a rush project… it wasn’t time yet and I didn’t really get the match-up. Had too much pop… I wanted to even it out with pop and urban… Maybe that’s why I didn’t put Missy on it, ’cause it was mostly a pop album.” The rapper-producer then opened up his vault to play an old tune of Missy’s that he produced back in the day, “Swat Dat Fly.” Listen below.

[“Swat Dat Fly”  kicks in at :52.]

Over some distracting orgasm moans and a wobbly, minimalist beat (with a synth noise that sounds annoyingly enough like a real fly buzzing around our heads), “Swat Dat Fly” is as quirky as anything Missy has released before.

“Call me a chubby chick, slim and narrow / But I aim for your brains like a bow and arrow,”raps Missy, before namechecking Ciara’s “My Goodies.” Yeah, this is an old one. We’re much more looking forward to checking out the tracks off Elliott’s upcoming, endlessly-delayed Block Party LP. We’re still waiting for the album’s lead single “Blow Ya Whistle” to drop, Missy. Any day month year now.

What do you think — should “Swat Day Fly” have made the cut for Timba’s Shock Value II?