Kris Allen Wins (Again) With Homespun “Alright With Me” Video

Kris Allen bested the flashier Adam Lambert on American Idol largely with his wholesome, boy-next-door appeal, but the guyliner-free champ’s previous videos have styled him up in glossy productions that detract from his relaxed, no-frills image. Now, with his new video “Alright With Me,” it feels like we’re getting back to basics, as the “Truth”-ful star takes us behind the scenes with him in the recording studio, on tour, interacting with fans, and hanging out with his musician buddies. Head below to take a peek.

Even the bitterest Glambert fans will have a hard time not warming up to Idol’s least-excitable winner here, who comes off as carefree and fun-loving as he goofs off for the camera. He’s clearly not taking himself too seriously. The vid’s handmade quality doesn’t feel low-rent in the slightest, instead giving us the impression that we’re right there on tour with the charming crooner. This, perhaps, is the first time we’re able to see Allen as a musician in his own right, apart from all the Idol hoopla.

The single itself is a catchy, upbeat tune, that, like the video, succeeds in its simplicity and lack of ambition. This may or may not be the official video for the track, but it definitely should be. It’s hard to imagine any art direction or staged concert that would equally capture the infectious spirit of this song and its performer. Unlike most music videos with higher production value, we get the distinct sense that Allen & Co. are truly having fun here — and that’s more than alright with us.

  • ZMH

    this should be chosen as the second single. truth is a terribly boring song, the fact it shamelessly features the soul brother (?!) doesn’t change anything.

  • Margie

    Awesome review!

  • nekola

    Excellent review! I agree with you 100% that this video captures the overall appeal of Kris, his band and the song.

  • Tribiola

    Totally agree with this review! SO refreshing to see Kris in his element, not marketed to within an inch of his life (and totally to his detriment). This guy and his music are so easy to love – I hope people give him a chance, and that this becomes the official music video for the single. It’d be a great step in the right direction!

  • Ellen

    Great review – I love the video. A big thanks to the people behind this video – Kris, KAB, and Kris’s friends – who’ve known all along that Kris is so much more than what the Idol machine would like us to believe. Great song! Catchy tune! and a perfect video to capture all the fun and antics of Kris Allen and The Kris Allen Band. You guys rock!

  • lulu

    I agree that it is a great video that shows Kris’s fun side and should be the official video.

  • Jennifer

    I love this video! It shows Kris and his band being the fun, life-loving guys that they are, and all about the music. I’m a huge Adam Lambert fan, but I adore Kris and think he is just fantastic!

  • emdee

    It’s a perfect video, showing the goofy, funny side of this talented singer songwriter. I’m so happy this is Kris’s new single!

  • tea

    this video makes me smile and song is addictive as is kris and his antics are adorable.

  • Joe

    Damn. I actually like the video. How did this happen?

  • lisa

    Love the video!

  • Hiba

    I love it very much, the song is full of life and it’s catchy

    yayyyyy Love you Kris

  • LMG

    Love both and would also wish to see this as the song video. unfortunetly, they (studio exc’s) never seem to ask US what we think.

  • Jordan

    What a super-talented, adorable guy!

  • Leslie

    I’ve followed Kris from the beginning of his career and it has been so much fun to see his confidence growing, especially after he moved back to his roots in Arkansas and felt the freedom to be the guy and musician we fell in love with on American Idol. He is a sexy guy and an awesome musician and this video of him and the band rocking it out never ceases to make me smile. #KrisAllenRockStar

  • Doe

    I can’t think of a single thing that could improve this video. The song is so infectious, and the video captures so many of the attributes of Kris and the KAB. It would be a HUGE wasted opportunity if his label doesn’t start supporting this song, and use this video as the official music video. I think that Alright With Me has the potential to match or exceed the sales of Live Like We’re Dying, and even though it may not sell a lot more albums, it would give Kris another hit, and radio presence going into the second album. It’s such a no brainer, Jive! Don’t mess this up!!

  • Marla

    Great write up. Kris Allen will always and continually be a winner with everything he touches.

  • Chris

    Thanks for this review. I love the song and the video. Both are infectious and irresistible.