Florence + The Machine Get The Love On ‘SNL’

New York City got the love this weekend as Florence fired up her Machine (and her two very capable lungs), inviting the Saturday Night Live audience to spend a “Dog Day” evening with her. The fiery chanteuse performed the jubilant smash that put her on the map, as well as the Q Award-winning “You’ve Got the Love.” Anyone who thinks the performances were less than stellar clearly hasn’t been paying attention to Florence + the Machine’s ascent in the music scene lately. See for yourself after the jump.

Flo took the stage looking particularly leggy in a short black dress and some very high heels, delivering another stirring rendition of “Dog Days Are Over” (but no, it didn’t match her exhilarating performance at the VMA’s this year). Clearly, the woman knows how to belt — and effortlessly captures our attention with her stage presence, even when she’s barely moving.

Following that, the unique beauty returned in a longer (but still black) gown to perform “You’ve Got the Love.” Not surprisingly, her singing was perfectly lovely, though the song lacks the verve and distinct spark of moody passion that “Dog Days” and most other cuts from Lungs possess.

It’s only natural that Flo would perform her two most mainstream hits on such a widely-viewed television program, but we’re getting antsy to see live versions of the darker, heavier material from the album, too.

  • Don H

    I would have been far more impressed with Florence had any of those keys she sang in been one the band was using. I’d been looking forward to her performance and was extremely disappointed.

    • Becky Bain

      Me and you both, Don. I thought I was going crazy thinking she was off-key but no one else was mentioning it! Love her, but she goes off very easily.

  • fair person

    She was horrible on the first song….and barely listenable on the second…..

    I have heard the first song on the radio before and she really belts it out….

    Live on the show?,,,,was it nerves? was she iLL?…or can she only sing in the studio with help from machines….

    Folks….please close your eyes and just listen to those performances…I’ve heard cats fighting in my backyard that sounded more pleasing…

  • its me

    Completely agree!