Adam Lambert Goes Green, Smokes On Stage In Amsterdam

“I heart Amsterdam!” Adam Lambert recently tweeted, and when you’re in The Netherlands, you do as the locals do, apparently. Glambert took the stage, smoking what appeared to be a joint during his cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze.” Other notable naughtiness during the show: after taking one deep breath in of his smoke stick, the outrageous live performer got frisky with his microphone, then changed the song’s lyrics to “‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy” before planting a hot, wet one on his guitarist, Tommy Joe Ratliff. Watch it all go down below!

And check out Adam puffing away (coincidentally) around 4:20, followed by the singer sticking something else in his mouth — his incredibly phallic microphone.

This really shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. First of all, smoking marijuana is legal in Amsterdam, so it’s not like Ad will get in any trouble if that was indeed pot he was smoking. And secondly, the American Idol alum has been very up front with his past drug use. He discussed having a “psychedelic experience” at Burning Man in his interview with Rolling Stone, saying, “There are certain drugs out there that are really fun and recreational and can mean a good time. I’m not an advocate for drugs, but it is all rock and roll and we are all adults.”

Are you dissapointed in Glambert, or are a few legal onstage puffs nothing to get upset about?

  • You’re Kiddin?

    When in Rome….not sure he was doing much other than blowing smoke around the stage and putting on a show for Amsterdam, which they loved. This is Rock and Roll again, and I am thrilled someone is doing it with a little flair and excitement. Loved the kiss he gave Tommy, who should have gotten a toke for not dropping his guitar. Think I read not long ago in a US article that the reviewer expected a little more raunch and roll from Adam. Seem you just can’t please everyone.

  • JaeK

    Freaking amazing!

  • Chris

    Only thing is, dangit, whatever else but not smoking – it could hurt his voice, y’know? His VOICE!!!! God forbid. He’s gotta do something then let him swallow something not smoke it ….. :-(

  • Don

    In about 10 years or less pot will be legal in the US. It’s a waste of resources and tax payers money to criminalize pot. Alcohol is 10x more harmful.

  • Lissy

    I frickin adored every minute of that! Hah, Adam never fails to entertain, love him.

  • quincy

    there’s so much fun to take in!! and you still missed something lol…check out the full on makeout a little after the 8 min mark.

  • rita

    Love Adam! It’s only Rock and Roll, and I like it!

  • Juneau

    Frankly my dear, I’m more shocked that Taylor Swift straightened her hair. Adam’s Amsterdam show was playful and sexy.

  • Nan

    What about a comment on the terrific showmanship and fantastic vocals? What about the fact that the audience absolutely loved every minute? The song, Purple Haze, is about marijuana. so it makes sense he would legally include it in the performance. As far as other suggestive maneuvers- that’s all they were, suggestive. Meaning is in YOUR mind.

  • adamaddict

    Love Adam. He’s different yet he’s following in the footsteps of many rock icons. just love him

  • prgemgirl

    Whutt?????? LOL. Only the pearl clutchers were “shocked” at the shenanigans. And yes, TS’s straightened hair was more shocking….

  • Anita


  • Sandy

    Wish I was there to share…Adam is beautiful and that about says it!

  • Lili

    Love it! The dude knows how to perform! Sexy and fun!

  • http://google KATIE SUE

    my cousin and I were in my bedroom going over the above video on another site and my dad came in and said he “knew someone ” that smoked marijuana and what Adam was smoking wasn’t weed. My mom came in and went over the videos because she also “knew someone” who smoked it and said yes it was weed. They said it was a good prop to use on that song either way.

  • Jesse

    dude, he was singing purple haze, he was in amsterdam, the crowd went wild: it was a SHOW!! what should we be disappointed by, LOL??

  • Sandi

    Well, somebody hand me some pearls, cause I thought it made him look tacky.

  • tran nguyen

    He knows how to make others entertained.
    So fun, sexy, and amazing. All love for my Adam

  • Kay

    Remember the show was for that Amsterdam audience,probable alittle more liberal than most. Consiter us like a fly on the wall, just lucky to peak in via You Tube and Suz526 great videos. Can’t be upset by something not designed for us to peak in on…..I’m just more than happy to get to be that fly on the wall!!!!! Love Adam and ALL he does, he’s an entertainer and that he does.

  • tess4ADAM

    That’s right! What right have we to be shocked or horrified that ADAM used a ‘joint’ albeit real or not to entertain & emphasize the lyric of a song ..Purple Haze’ … by a well known pot smoking musician … when none of us here (unless you were at that concert) even PAID to see the performance? WE only know about it because of a video that was posted on Ytube for the ENJOYMENT of ADAM fans WORLDWIDE … so if you feel offended … blame yourself … next time don’t WATCH!!

  • emmie

    Brownies don’t give the same visual effect,, besides he may be watching his weight.

  • Céline

    This must be the ONLY thing I don’t like about Adam but… smoking pot ? Seriously ? I think it’s lame and I’m not gonna apologize for this.

  • L.B.

    He knows how to please a crowd and the vocals were amazing like always.
    When in Rome…
    He is happy and the smiles say it all, just what people want.
    Go Adam

  • M

    You go tess4ADAM… see you ’round on 24/7 ;)

  • coloforadam

    As Kris A. said so many times, “that’s just Adam, being Adam”. We love every minute of it or we would not be watching and grinning from ear to ear. Adam celebrates all the many joys of being a card carrying adult and he does it all with grace, humor and responsibility.

  • Joanie

    When in Rome !!!! no problem whatsoever ! Love Lambert !

  • glitzylady

    Weed is legal in Amsterdam, Adam was singing Purple what’s your point??!! LOL!!! Just his many years of theater kicking in again… and his audience there was obviously loving it ! A nod to the local culture, which is a tad more relaxed in attitude about some things than the US..What better way to dramatize the song than with a little prop, in this case the real thing (we assume)… I’m quite sure he couldn’t resist adding that little touch of realism and humor. Adam tailors his performances for the venue where he is playing, and this one was no exception. And his fabulous version of Whole Lotta Love…if nothing else, watch, and LISTEN to, the vid for that alone. which highlights his truly stellar voice and vocal technique, which is first and foremost why I am so in awe of Adam Lambert. His showmanship is icing on the cake! And don’t forget, he did say at the beginning of AI Season 8 “I will surprise you…”! So, there you go..Don’t say he didn’t warn us!!

  • thera smith

    In this year i discover that american people are very innocent. You dont`smoke, you don`t kiss, you don`t … Everything shock you!

  • GetReal

    OMG that’s hotttttt……he was born to play Amsterdam.

  • Josey

    Chris, one smoke on the stage in Amsterdam won’t hurt his voice darling. The show was just amazing. His vocal was just out of this world. Love the rock ‘n roll!

  • Lisa W

    Haha, God never change Adam! One of the many things I love about Adam Lambert is that he can be so ridiculous but he KNOWS he’s ridiculous and just wants everyone to laugh along with him. Joint on stage? Ok, so what? I saw the video, he was puffing for god’s sake, not gonna get much of a buzz that way! I am certain he knows how to take a toke so it was for show……..what he did later is another matter

  • Lisa

    Only wish I had been there to share it with him. I believe that Adam is here to break down all kinds of barriers and he can make us all laugh at ourselves if we would. I love him for being so in your face while at the same time being the most sweet, adorable, sexy, and insanely funny man on earth.

  • Louanne

    Watched with my 11-yr old granddaughter. Told her he was not smoking pot because that is NOT how you do it. Then I told her how I came by that information. Her mother called me next day laughing, saying she couldn’t believe I actually said that. I came of age in the 1960′s. How could I NOT know how it’s done? It was a great show and this country is going to be irrelevant if we don’t grow up. Can’t believe people watch and complain. We’ve had a year knowing what Adam is about. If you’re shocked you need to turn on Fox faux news. You’ll find validation and support there, so I’ve been told.

  • glam

    i totally agree it was uncalled for either way i dont care if it was fake or not now dont get me wrong im a huge Adam fan (i saw him inst. petersburg) but come on Adam i mean really?! he has enough controversy and i dont think that when this gets out more publicly that this is gonna look good for him. im glad he was having fun and all but its not gonna be good for his stardom call me a hater if u wish but in ur heart u know it wasnt right. i <3 Adam Lambert! always will but it was a mistake i just think he shouldnt do it again as for the other stuff on the video ITS ADAM LAMBERT!!!!

  • Raye

    To me pot is not the issue. I posted this same comment on another site. While pot is almost totally acceptable, it seems that some people really do not see anything wrong with anything Adam Lambert does. While I like his voice and a few of his songs, his lifestyle does not appeal to anything in mine and he is not role model material. His attitude of acceptance of everything and anything goes puts morals into oblivion, making them a thing of the past. Morals exist only as shades of grey, and I don’t believe that is something people can afford. Adam is not awesome, he is part of the problem of tomorrow.

  • Patti

    Sandi, no offense, but if yer knockin’ Adam for just being real, you should swallow those pearls.

  • Patti

    No, Raye, Adam is not any part of any problem, that is what is so great about him. Sounds to me like overcritical nonsense..

  • Patti

    Thera: Naaaa…MOST of us aren’t tight-assed prudes like that, lol..

  • Lise

    It’s not legal in Amsterdam, it’s just that small amounts are tolerated as long as they aren’t used in inappropriate situations. Just saying, since everyone seems to think that decriminalisation means “legal”.

    And Adam’s an entertainer, if people aren’t entertained, they can go elsewhere. I thought his show was a lot of fun.

  • Beth

    One or a few times won’t hurt him but daily use just might. It would be a shame to damage that great voice that way.

  • Faithful Glambert

    I’m a huge adam lambert fan, but seriously?!?!?!?! It’s actually the fact that he’s a grown man that makes it absurd! Please act like one, then!! Sure, it is all fun and games right now, but there are a few things that should be taken more seriously. I reeeeeaaaalllyy hope that this is just like a one time thing! I don’t want him to ruin his amazing voice.

    I’m a young girl, but rest assured, he is DEFINITELY not my role model. I just love his music. I find the whole thing a bit cliche. Does the rock & roll life ALWAYS have to include drugs?

    As for the rest of the stuff he did on stage? That’s Adam for ya.

    Someone, please tell me? Am I blowing this out of proportion? Is it as big of a deal as I think it is? Because I am 100% against this.

  • When in Rome

    Have you ever heard of that old saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do?”

    Well, in Amsterdam, which is where Adam was performing, marijuana is legal and the norm. People probably smoke it while at the dinner table with their kids over there.

    You know that Adam always adjusts his shows to the venue, city that he’s in. Someone probably even gave it to Adam for a gift.

    If it makes you feel any better, it doesn’t look like he inhaled the smoke. He’s a stage actor. If you’ve ever seen a stage play where it calls for a smoking character, It looked like that. Like he was just puffing and blowing it around stage. Now, poor Monte, on the other hand probably got a big ole contact high from the huge cloud that was blown in his face which he didn’t seem upset by at all (not that it’s a bad thing, because over there, it was ok.)

  • Dutch_Glambert

    I was there and it did not bother me at all! This guy is the best ever!! I had such a great night. Now I don’t do drugs or smoke, but hey, if he did actually have a joint and inhaled, good for him, he was just enjoying himself LOL.

    Please come back again Adam!!

  • RWJ

    People.. listen up!
    There is more to the netherlands than just marijuana!
    The rest of the world probably thinks that the whole dutch population is smoking drugs..
    But in reality it’s just a little percentage of the people here..

    There are countries in the world were all kinds of drugs are prohibited but the use of the use of it is much higher!
    Get over it already !

  • RHP

    i LOVE adam… but the smoking is just dumb. pot is for people who hav nothing else going for them, and he obviously has everything going for him, so there’s no reason for him to do it.

  • Junglegirl

    I think Adam’s intention to provoke conversation about controversial things is great! Look how many comments there are! Keep it going Adam — you are one of the bravest people I’ve ever seen. Thanks for bringing up things that most people are afraid to talk about.

  • Gitte

    I love Adam ; and people – It’s almost 2011~!! So much ridiculous prudeness. Remember this concert was for a European country – which are not nearly as closed-minded as U.S. concerts. I thought it was a great show.

  • Katie

    I am not a huge Lambert fan, but he does have talent. However, he is not really breaking down any barriers. In the 60′s, rock bands were far more outrageous. As for the kissing, Madonna and Lindsey Lohan and a few others already did that and guys on some TV shows. I think he does that for himself because he can now and could only do it in the West Hollywood dives before this.

    No matter what young people think……………they haven’t invented anything new. Uh, except maybe bad manners.