Nicki Minaj’s “I Ain’t Thru” Gal Pal Keyshia Cole Unveils ‘Calling All Hearts’ Cover

For her fourth album Calling All Hearts, Keyshia Cole has offered up the defiant  “I Ain’t Thru”, a collaboration Pink Friday diva Nicki Minaj, as the lead single. And today posted the LP’s cover, which features the stunning Cole adorned with blue lipstick and a red heart on her upper lip. Now, far be it from us to, uh, kiss and tell, but Cole’s artwork is giving us a slight flashback to the cover of Selena Gomez’s debut LP (see it below).

Selena Gomez Kiss & TellKeyshia’s Calling All Hearts is due out December 21.

  • The Prophet Blog

    How dare you refer to QUEENSHA COLE as nothing more than some Nicki Minaj sidekick! Honey, Ms Keyshia has three Platinum albums, three R&B No.1s and twelve consecutive top ten hits on the R&B chart! And her albums are actually INCREDIBLE, which is more than I can say for the radio-friendly friendly snoozefest that makes up Nicki’s FLOP FRIDAY!

  • Robbie Daw

    Now, now. I see right thru your Nicki hater8tion. Don’t hate her just because she snatched every wig in the game and used them to insulate her attic for the winter.

  • Lee

    OMG The Prophet Blog went off I agree Keyshia Cole is in her own lane. She is doing her well!

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