Keri Hilson’s ‘VIBE’ Cover Light Years Better Than Album Cover

Nov 26th, 2010 // 7 Comments

Keri Hilson seems to be heavily inspired by Madonna for her cover shoot of the December/January issue VIBE magazine. The “Pretty Girl Rock” singer was looking pretty in a pointy black bustier, silver chain necklaces and a leather hat that screamed Justify My Love for the mag’s latest issue. The “Buy You” songbird looked ultra sexy, we just wish K-Hil could have done the same for her No Boys Allowed album cover. Jump below for a full look and tell us what you think of the cover gal.


  1. hell yeezy

    daamn, hot mama looks good!! can she justify MY love??

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  3. Tenni


  4. Marc

    Can someone please call Madonna and let her know another chick in the biz ripped her off? Geez people, everything you do is a copied Madonna look but besides that she looks hot here. WHO THE HELL PHOTOGRAPHED HER ALBUM CAMPAIGN?! I thought she looked like Rupaul.

  5. You’re Joking right!!
    I’m sorry but look at the two covers she did recently, Vibe makes Keri look sooo white and look at the arm pits and body retouching it’s aweful!! Jones magazine killed the nose and the eyes are crossed!!
    I’m sorry but these don’t even look like the same chic !!At least the album cover has a concept and I think it was executed well! I work for a fashion magazine and if i got these two covers heads would roll!!

  6. She is beautiful. I love everything about this cover.

  7. Alexis

    I heard her jewelry pieces were designed Glynneth B

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