Nicole Scherzinger Gives ‘The X Factor’ A Dose Of “Poison”

Nicole Scherzinger returned to The X Factor last night to perform her new RedOne-produced solo single “Poison.” (Earlier this year the Pussycat Dolls front diva filled in for an ailing Cheryl Cole on the judges panel.) It was the singer’s first performance of the jam, and judging by the its current standing on UK iTunes—it’s at #2—viewers approved. We’re not so sure about the sketchy dominatrix motif, but overall it was a job well done.

  • Brandon Hall

    This performance had all the making to be awesome but it lacked energy and a little confidence! It was decent yes but the stage itself seemed to do all the work (the X Factor stage has one hell of a light display, doesn’t it)

    I like the song though, but if I’m going to jump on board with “Nicole-Minus five” 2.0, I need more.

  • Tawnybeach5

    I agree completely, she needed way more energy, I feel like she was almost confused. But amazing song! Love love love