Listen To Justin Bieber’s “Latin Girl”

Just when Justin Bieber overcomes his fear of water bottles, the poor teen superstar has to confront another challenge — the possible leak of new/old music. Newly surfaced pop track “Latin Girl” doesn’t really sound like recent Bieber to us (compare the vocals to the depth in his voice on “Pray”), but it’s always possible this is a track from studio sessions for his next album. Is it really (as rumored) about his sorta-maybe “Baby” girl Jasmine Villegas? (Um, she’s part Filipino, so we’re thinking no). Check it out below.

[wpaudio url="" text="Justin Bieber - Latin Girl"]

This sounds like a lesser track — and certainly not in keeping with the electro-tinged style of the latter tracks from My World 2.0. Which is one more reason we doubt it’s new. Then again, the lyrics are a little bit racier than those of his innocent early tunes: “Oh she tried to fight it/ But she know she likes it”. So you do wonder.

What kind of music would you like to hear Bieber record on his next album?

  • kristina

    i would like to here about the same that he does now and maybe 2 country songs

  • Mittzy

    Um, I really like the song, but I like aallll his songs, so…. I’m mean it really hurts me that I can’t be his girl but…. Oh well… If he’s happy then I am 2!!!!!! We love u Justin!!! just one lil comment, don’t get over your head… you know we like u cuz ur real not stuck up like other artist… so pleaz don’t go there, we love you… <3

  • Janet

    The lyrics r racier…so the boy is growing up; let him be….who the song is about, i kno… proof tooo….. contact me….this is real honest proof….

  • lol

    maybe its about selena lmao

  • lily

    UGGGHHH I H8 selena GOMEZ SHES A SKANK I WILL ALWAYS HATE her she thinks shes all that and she is ugly!! sorry i <3 haters so dont be hatin cuz i dont like her :)

  • lily

    duhh itis lol

  • esmi

    no he shouldnt

  • yassmin

    justien bieber is the best love you jb

  • Alllison

    I love that song it is good

  • Selena

    What is your number because this is Selena Gomez and i know the real truth.?

  • karen

    hoola yo lo amo aah el es el mejor en este planetaa y lo ree quiero su peli deve ser genial te amo hzo de mi vida segui asi segui adelanrte mi amor vos podes superar las tonterias te dicen de vos te amo besos

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