Sia Feels Pretty Low While Flying High In Her “I’m In Here” Video

Usually when Sia releases a new music video, it’s a joyful, colorful DIY project. Not so with the clip for her new heartbreaking single, “I’m In Here”, which has the Aussie songstress longingly staring out her window while taking a flight by herself. (And we mean entirely by herself — no other passengers, no flight attendants, and no pilots, either.) The video features a new, more melancholy take of the We Are Born track, beautfully showing off Sia’s raw vocals. Watch below.

Sia — “I’m In Here”

Pretty depressing. Hope she has somebody picking her up from the airport (if she ever lands).

  • Dan Tralder

    The editing is a mixed bag, but when it’s good, it’s Really good. And the photography is fantastic. Thanks for posting!

  • Dan

    I like the CD version of this song better, but great anyways