Naya Rivera Does “Valerie” Better Than Winehouse On Last Night’s ‘Glee’

Last night on Glee‘s “Special Education“, Kurt took care of a metaphor —er, we mean a pet bird — at his new school, Emma broke some big news to Mr. Schue, and Rachel was pretty much as insufferable as she usually is. (At least this time Schue and Finn called her on her bad ‘tude.) But the most show-stopping moment of the night was Naya Rivera belting out the Mark Ronson/Amy Winehouse version of The Zutons’ “Valerie” while Heather Morris and Harry Shum Jr. became the MVPs of New Directions based on their incredible dancing alone. Watch the gang’s sectionals performance below!

This isn’t the first time a Ronson/Winehouse collab has been featured on the show — New Directions’ rival show choir Vocal Adrenaline performed “Rehab” during the show’s pilot.

Pretty great, right? And yes, we love Amy’s recording (found on Mark Ronson’s album Version), but the last time we heard her attempt to perform “Valerie”, it was a complete mess. We’ll take a Gleeked out version of the tune over mumbling into a microphone any day. Though we may reconsider if Brittany and Mike Chang were doing tumbles and somersaults behind Winehouse as she sings.

  • ThisArticleIsBlasphemy

    This article is total and utter bullsh*t! For one thing that link is not the last time amy played valerie, she played an acoustic version at the launch of her range for Fred Perry and was pitch perfect! If you are a journalist, at least do your homework and research your subject. Secondly, that Glee version is nowhere near Amy Winehouse, the appeal of Winehouse is her unique voice and idiosyncratic manner, these fools are not unique, you can hear singing like that in a karaoke pub any Friday night!

  • Lol

    someones a bit of an amy winehouse fanatic…

    personally i thought the glee version was alright, nothing special. Loved their version of Dog Days Are Over, that was awesome!

  • Calcora

    Meh… Bullsh*t, No one ever does “Valerie” better than Winehouse, not even its creators “the Zutons”. Sometimes things are just too clear.

  • anonymous

    Naya Rivera did an awesome job on Valerie. She needs more solos on the show!

  • Maynor

    Come on!! Please!! Amy is Amy she is not compared..not even to The Zutons..Amy is God of soul that’s why she got five Grammys in one single night!! O.o Cahpichis!!

  • beth

    it’s not like glee is stealing the songs from the artists or trying to be better, if anything it’s because they love the original song and artist that they want to build on that with their own version. It also exposes the original artist and allows for people to listen to their music when they may not have otherwise. Both entities are wonderful in their own rights. Let’s all leave it at that.

  • YEAH


  • Milia removal

    I like naya … i think he will be perfect for me .Actually i love you.