Sam Adams Has A Hit On Tap With ‘Party Records’

Sam Adams shocked everyone earlier this year when, out of nowhere, his mostly self-produced EP landed at the top of iTunes’ hip-hop digital albums chart. The rapper’s Boston’s Boy outsold albums by Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled for the week — powered by strong word-of-mouth and his own Annie Lennox-sampling jam, “Driving Me Crazy”. In fact, his success was so sudden that critics tried to suggest he manufactured it. But Sam (aka Wiz) has kept the party rolling, and the rapper sometimes described as Ke$ha‘s male counterpart recently dropped a new mixtape, Party Records.

We like his independent spirit (and his love for his mom) and we’re honored to present his show at House Of Blues on the Sunset Strip next weekend. Check below for details and grab a free MP3 of Sam’s “Some Chordz”. Can we get some extra bass, please?

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Sam Adams – Some Chordz”] The track (built on deadmau5’s stomper “Some Chords”) is one example of Adam’s expertise at rapping over dance tracks — Party Records also includes beats borrowed from Rusko, Bangladesh and Bassnectar, among others. But we think this one in particular belongs in your iPod.

Check out Adams on tour — and if you’re in LA, come to the show next week!