Diddy Dirty Money Tell The World They Still Sing Live On ‘SNL’

The more seasoned half of Diddy-Dirty Money is no stranger to Saturday Night Live, but this weekend marked the SNL debut of the group’s latter, more feminine half (or is that two-thirds?). The Last Train To Paris made a pit-stop in New York so that Diddy, Dawn, and Kalenna could perform “Coming Home” and “Ass On The Floor”. Peep both vids here.

Host Robert DeNiro looked a tad uncomfortable even uttering the words “Diddy Dirty Money” aloud — or perhaps he’s still marveling that Sean Combs has found yet another name to make music under. Diddy was a bundle of energy on first number “Coming Home,” with constant, rapid hand gestures and even some emphatic jumping. Dirty Money looked positively tame by comparison, making us long for some pretty desert scenery and dilapidated furniture to look at, like in the video.

Thanks to some enthusiastic booty-shaking and Rihanna-red, Jim Henson-esque costuming, this wasn’t the case with second performance “Ass on the Floor.” The number got a big shot of adrenaline from guest Swizz Beatz, who pretty much stole the show. (Not easy, when you’re on stage with two writhing, scantily-clad ladies whose dress suggests they’ve just scalped a Muppet.)

As with their American Music Awards performance, the blonde-bobbed backup dancers were largely unnecessary, as was Diddy himself — who quite literally had his ass on the floor throughout much of the song, as he was just sitting there — perhaps tuckered out from so much jumping and hand-gesturing on “Coming Home.” Finally, Jay Electronica’s tweeting nemesis chimed in with some fairly awkward bouncing, an F-bomb, a distinctly shameless plug of the album’s release date, and, at one point, a goofy jig-like move we can only assume was a nod to Ashlee Simpson.

None of this lead to the most skillful SNL appearance we’ve been privy to, yet it was nothing if not watchable and totally entertaining. When’s that album out again? Oh yeah — December 14.

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