Best Music 2010: Adam Lambert Picks His Favorite Song And Album Of The Year

We all know what the critics thought of this year’s crop of tunes — but what about the artists who helped shape the sound of 2010? As a special holiday treat to you, we’ve picked a special class of singers, musicians and groups — artists we consider among the most creative emerging stars in pop — to participate in our special year-end feature, exclusively sharing with us their reflections on the albums, songs and performers that made their year really… pop. And in many cases, their answers were surprising.

Kicking off our series is the dazzling Adam Lambert, who selected an album and song from the same magnetic singer-songwriter… one who can confidently say that 2010 was one of the biggest years of her career. Jump below to find whose music had the biggest impact on Glambert the last twelve months.

Though we’re very aware the high-energy Lambert has a softer side — he is Grammy-nominated for his gorgeous performance of the pleading pop rock ballad, “Whataya Want From Me” — we assumed his favorite tune of 2010 would be something to make you strut on the dancefloor. But it was the heartfelt singer-songwriter Sia who nabbed the double honor of creating Adam’s favorite album and song.

Sia has had quite a year — she released her fourth album, We Are Born, to favorable reviews, entertained the masses at Coachella, and was responsible for penning some of the more enjoyable tracks on Christina Aguilera’s Bionic and the Burlesque soundtrack. So it’s no wonder people are taking notice of the Aussie chanteuse more than ever before. (Hopefully that keeps her from following through with the career switch she discussed a few months ago.)

And maybe it’s not so surprising after all that Adam picked this phenomenal performer’s music as his favorite, since both artists possess fun, quirky personalities, have a penchant for dressing creatively, and are blessed with incredible talent. But we’ll let Adam explain in his own words why Sia’s music moved him the most in 2010.

adam_lambert_elvis_hair_promo_020310_300x400Adam Lambert: I have always been a big fan of Sia’s songwriting and voice and I think this year’s release of We Are Born showcases some of her best work yet.

Her songwriting resonates with me and as a listener; I begin to really believe she is letting me into her music, her words and her thoughts. Her lyrics are so genuine, truthful and exposed and I really respect that in any artist.

Not only are her lyrics exposed for us to feel but so is her voice. It too, is so revealed, raw and cuts right to my heart. One thing that is so special is you can hear every texture of her voice, every breath, which then again, helps support that she really makes me not only believe, but also FEEL what she is singing. This can get lost when recording an album, but she does such a good job letting that come through in her recordings.

More specifically to Sia’s album, is that in the song, “Be Good To Me”. Here in this song, she really lets us in. The riff she sings after the first phrase of the vocal is divine. Her voice really sails into a timber full of sympathetic vibration and rich overtones. These are one of her magical moments that give you goose bumps.

No matter whom “he” is that she refers to in the first line, she leaves up to you to decide. I personally took it from a love relationship perspective and felt what she had to say.

In the lyric, “There is sweetness after hurt….” really shows that anytime anyone goes through a breakup, or a loss, or just plain hurt, it may take time, but you always seem to find the sweetness after all of it is done and the healing has passed. This lyric is one that a lot of people need to take the time to learn about and as it took me awhile to figure that out, it is always good to remind myself of this when I am hurting. It helps me get through any healing process.

Another lyric she states, “My heart is filled, revealed…” shows exactly what I love about her work. She puts her heart out there for all to hear, see and judge. She is saying this not only to “he” but also to her listeners, that she is exposing herself to us in such an intimate way. She is really speaking to anyone who wants to listen.

Sia’s work is by far some of the best. I will always be a fan and really look forward to any future work she shares with the world.

* * *

Keep tuning in to Idolator all month long to find out what other pop acts picked as the year’s best in music!

  • Lissy

    Adam Lambert is so right, Sia is such natural talent and creative spirit. I’ve loved her since her song The Girl You Lost To Cocaine hit my ipod. Not only is her latest work amazing, but the songs she wrote for Christina are the ones I like best on Bionic. She is so gifted.

    LOL that Adam can go on and on about her, I feel the same way about both of them. In my dreams, Adam and Sia collaborate and create beautiful music together! Universe please make it happen!

  • indigo

    Adam Lambert really knows his music and explains in a way no one can, he truelly is an amazing person and really respects other human beings and artist. He always gives credit where its due. He is very intelligent and articulate. How refreshing it is to see an artist with such generosity and kindness towards other artist. Adam Lambert is my obsession for this and many wonderful qualities he has, he is one of the kindest and sweetest human being, his singing and entertaining abilities is the frosting on a very yummy cake.

  • Elizabeth

    Articulate and insightful, as always, Adam. Love the way you support other artists whom you admire.

  • http://google KATIE SUE

    Don’t throw eggs at me but I never heard of SIA until this review by Adam. I am def. going to hop on iTunes and check out her music. If Adam likes her she has to be top notch.

  • tess4ADAM

    I’ve never heard of Sia but ADAM has mentioned her more than once. After reading this glowing review of her work I am going to search for it on Ytube & give it a listen … if anyone knows his music … it is ADAM LAMBERT!!

  • Judy

    Never heard of her. I guess I’m too busy listening to only Adam most of the time. She has a great voice and I love the song. Love the cover of her album. She is so original and would love to see and hear more from her. Adam–great choice!!

  • Terri

    Good article, excellent review by Adam Lambert. Now I have a new appreciation for Sia along with Adam. Thank you!

  • sizzling

    I will definitely check this lady out. Adam’s eloquent way of describing her music and voice literally made my mouth water.

  • CherelleDay

    Fascinating! Since knowing Adam I have added Muse, Goldfrapp and now Sia to my list of musical interests . . . and I actually know of Tokyo Hotel . . . I have to thank him for the heads up about musicians, writers etc. that I might never have heard of otherwise ;)

  • sharon

    Adam is right about Sia. She has a unique and interesting gift. I like listening to her quirky tone in her voice. Hope that she and Adam could do a collaboration on his next album. I can honestly say she much better than KP or is it KBrand, ke$ha, or any female singer w the exception of Christina A.

  • JLM

    Adam is so right!! SAI is wonderful and such a great writer. Adam is always so generous toward other artist and their talents – he is a gracious, amazing artist himself.

  • JLM

    Sia I apologize for my silly typo!!

  • nik 101

    If Lambert wins the grammy he will then be known as ‘Grammy winner Adam Lambert’ verses Gay Adam Lambert or AI Runner up. I wish him the best.

  • agrimesy

    Adam loves music for the same reasons I do. I appreciate raw emotion in both the lyric and the voice. That’s why I love Adam’s music. He touches me. I like Sia. I’m glad Adam promotes true artistry in the industry.

  • Casey

    I listened and I learned. I had never heard of Sia. Adam Lambert gave her such a great endorsement though I checked out the link and will probably download the song.
    He seems to understand a lot about music and voice. A lot about how to touch hearts. Thank you for choosing this artist Adam. It reminds me of why I will always chose you!

  • bill

    ewwwww. gross. Whenever this guy appears, i lose my appetite. So dirty. This world doesn’t need trash like this worst idol. This is why American Idol is losing ground. Someone like him totally uses his sexuality and gossips for own fame. Can’t write own songs, can’t dance, can’t contribute for production, can’t play instruments at almost 30 years old.

  • Anita

    bill: Are you sure you are not letting your homophobia color your thought process??

    Lose your appetite? Maybe a doctor should check you out because there is nothing wrong with Adam. He is perfect the way he is and is gaining new fans daily.

    Trash? Have you been watching the same person as all the others?

    Can’t write his songs and can’t dance? Adam wrote 5 songs on his first album while touring with AI. He is one sexy dancer just ask ALL the females at his concerts.

    And Am Idol admits he is the best thing that has happened to them lately. Read the news. They are changing the format because for the last few years the boring songwriter won. Kris was the lowest selling winner and now Lee is even worse. AI needs someone like Adam to bring the excitement back.

    You don’t have to like his music. To each his own but when you write nasty, vile comments as you do, I get upset. Sorry. Just don’t follow him. Leave that to us who think he is the best thing going.

  • Tyler

    Anita, ignore those trolls- let them live in their small minded world.

    I am happy that Adam introduced to me to Sia – I have never heard of her before but will check her out now.

    It is refreshing to see people like Adam or Sia being successful in todays boring music business of faking and posing.

  • tnaftal

    No egg throwing from me. I totally understand lol. Since Adam’s release last year I have been musically listening nearly exclusively to his CD. I have never had such longevity from a CD before. It is common place for me to enjoy only 1-3 songs from a CD, unless its MJ or Prince. I try to listen to other stuff , but am so impatient with what is out there. I am totally spoiled by the variety & depth of both music , vocals & lyrics on FYE. To me this should have been album of the year.

  • DonneeDarko

    I would LOVE to hear them do a duet!!! I loved Sia’s voice on many of the Zero 7 songs and then her first solo single “Breathe Me” which was the final song of the final episode of “Six Feet Under.” People, you’ve got to listen to Sia. She has one of the most expressive, unique, and beautiful voices of current female popsters. Start with her first album.

  • Elle

    Sorry Adam,but I do not agree with your choice of SIA. I hate her voice. Her songwriting skills are pretty good, but that voice sounds like a bad version of Christina A. Would rather you sing with Christina, & I hope you won’t be singing with SIA.
    Still love Adam though, & hope he wins that grammy!!!

  • janine

    Oh, Adam! The way you described SIA’s voice in her song is exactly the way you sound to me when I listen to “Can’t let you go” It moves me mind, body and soul! :)

  • Pam

    As an Adam fan I want to thank you for responding to the obvious homophobe and holier than thou Bill ( at least he thinks he knows everything) With the recent rash of suicides among young gay males recently I would hope that these homophobic dopes would take some time to do some soul searching but for some they will always feel like they know everything and deem it necessarry to be rude and nasty to Adam and anyone else just because they are gay! The dope must be tone deaf too because Adam is by far the best male vocalist in the biz right now. He is intelligent and a true treasure.

  • Sandy

    Thanks so much to Adam for turning my husband and I on to really neat music on the current scene. We were sort of stuck in the classic rock oldies but of course some of that is still relevant today…Led Zepplin, etc. Sia has a more throatier sound than Christina but I love both of them.

  • Sandy

    sorry…I meant turning my husband and me on to music, etc.

  • Tracy

    I am not a follower…..never have been. But my God….this artist/song recommended by Adam Lambert (Who I LOVE, btw)…..was just a huge WOW to me!! I I can’t stop listening.
    Thanks Adam!!

  • Peggy

    I dearly love Adam Lambert and his music…No one has been like him in a long time and what a great entertainer….I think he needs to fix his hair back neat like it used to be….looks so dried out since on tour…..and I loved his hair…….Your the best Adam….

  • Peggy

    The picture at the top of the page is most beautiful…..

  • earlzagurl4Adam

    It never ceases to amaze me why Adam haters, or haters of anyone else read articles posted about the one they despise. If these “haters” are not the least bit interested in Adam they would not read an article about him. I would call over 110 sold out shows in the USA and Europe a highly successful tour for someone who is not talented. Me thinks jealousy has raised its ugly head. hmmmm? BTW, whoever heard of someone with no talent nominated for a Grammy? The laugh is definitely on you, Bill. Sorry for your life.

  • Ana Glam

    Adam’s talent goes way beyond his stage presence. He knows and understands what talent means and how it delivers. He is the consummate entertainer and a talented, well grounded spokesperson for the music business. Keep your eyes on this young man. His star is just beginning to shine. He’s the real deal, folks.

  • http://officialunofficialwebsite toni s.#436

    This is to Bill what an idiot.Why are you even on here I feel sorry for you.You must have so little going on in your life all you do is trash other people.In particular the best vocalist and the most entertaining not to mention his beautiful looks to come along well EVER.The reason AI is changing its format is because after Adam who could top him?I think you should run along now and get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rosie

    I too have never heard of Sia. It is a beautiful song and will look for more of her music.
    Thank you Adam for opening our ears and mind to new (for us anyway) artist’s. All the best with the Grammy nomination. You really deserve the win.

  • patm2k

    @ Bill: What you ate today bill? what happened to you ..? poor you.. you have not absolutely idea what the concept of the music is.. I suppose that the “gay thing” fill all and every piece of your litlle brain… are you perfect? God came and said that to you?
    if you dont like (at all) about certain kind of person… be away… dont put yourself close to ..and .. if you can…be happy.. the world is more than you can see…

  • JoJo

    Yo check this out its sick you can Win a brand new Adam Lambert iPad! My station in Philly is giving it away All you have to do it “Like” us on Facebook at for the special link to win.

  • dina

    same here, i don’t hava a clue who SIA is but now i know and am going to google her definitely. thanks adam for the tip but you are stll my number one.

  • dina

    @ bill, sorry but you are the minority here, get lost!

  • peggyt

    I am so happy for Adam cause he came in #4 on top 40 with WWFM the best video that he made…I know Adam is glam but I have noticed lately his language is getting where it is not fit for family entertainment…..Like he said you like it or you dont and I love his music he just don’t have to get vulgar….As that guy said when they showed the video, make another one like this Adam……He is due the grammy for this song.. for sure….and I hope that he gets it…..

  • Carrie

    Sia has been in my life since I heard her singing with Zero 7. She came to notoriety when their song Waiting Line was incuded in the Garden State soundtrack. Her early solo work is very emotional, deep and intense; singles off of Colour the Small One heard in movies and shows like Six Feet Under. I ADORE it! I was pleased when she threw some upbeat songs (Buttons, The Girl YOu Lost of Cocaine) to match her in person upbeat personality on her solo album Some People Have Real problems. When you see her live you will understand! This latest release had me bouncing in my office chair, my car, all around my home. All of her albums are my ‘favorite’ for very different reasons. She is a true artist! She is also ever-changing and pleasingly full of surprises! Thank you, Sia!!! Thank you, Adam!!!

  • Scootersmom

    Adam, son…you know how much I love you, but your vulgar language in public is the one and only thing I’ve ever heard you do in poor taste. I’m sure Leila will back me up in this. You are far to well bred, sensitive and educated to use foul language on public television. Please reserve that for your more intimate gatherings with friends. I wept when you were blasted so horribly after the AMA’s, but I defended your right to not be discriminated against when entertaining just because you are not “average”, “straight” or female. Still loving you, kid, no matter what.

  • Izzy

    As a loyal Sia fan I’m glad someone as mainstream as Adam admires the true beauty of her work. My little sister is a big fan of Adam’s so I’m kinda familiar with his work and he really did a great job describing her music style and the passion she puts into all her songs. I like how the article also mentioned that she’s quirky and fun because those are some of my favorite qualities about Sia. I love her and I love him for recognizing true talent.

  • Luz

    Adam has physical and inward beauty. He is so very handsome and humble. First time that I saw him in Idol, I compared him to Elvis because of his height and stunning good looks. When Adam enters a room, everyone notices. He has this charisma, humility, and personality, plus he is well spoken and can carry a meaningful conversation with anyone. No other male can sing like him and I saw in Idol that none of the other contestants in Idol wanted to sing before he did or even after he sang because the difference in the singing was so great and he was so applauded that the contestant felt dejected. No, I am not a teenager but I certainly can distinguish between singing styles. Adam deserved the Idol title because he worked for it. It was not fair to take the title from him when no one else in Idol could sing like him!