Move Over Nicki Minaj — Janet Jackson Is Our Favorite Barbie

Mattel is auctioning off a limited edition Janet Jackson Barbie doll for charity, via The auction ends December 15, and as of this writing, the bidding is up to $1,300. C’mon, Ms. Jackson is worth much more than that, no? Well, the actual, living performer certainly is — we’re not so sure about the doll. But hey, it’s for charity, so bid away! Full pic of Janet’s Barbie below.


Gorgeous dress (it’s the same one the singer wore during her performance on American Idol back in May), but anyone else wish they had chose Janet’s iconic “Rhythm Nation” outfit instead? And how much do you think an official Mattel-created doll of Janet’s brother Michael would go for?

[MTV Buzzworthy]

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    looks so stupid

  • John

    They are both beautiful.

  • Qiana

    Gorgeous lady and beatiful doll! She wore that outfit for her american idol performance which she then stripped down from and rocked a dazzling one piece number w/ louboutin boots. She smashed that performance and I cant wait for the Queen Of Pop to go on world tour, a once in a lifetime must see event that I will be present at. I doubt she’ll do one again. Same with Prince & Sade. P.S. Everybody knows a MJ doll bid would go threw the roof cause he is loved, King Micheal Lives Forever!!!

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