Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad & The R. Kelly In This Week’s Reader Comments

This past week brought the online resurrection of several pop artists after they first died a virtual death, glimpses of Jennifer Lopez as a judge on the upcoming season of American Idol, a not-so-hot chart debut for the Black Eyed Peas’ latest album, Justin Bieber’s one-on-one with Barbara Walters and R. Kelly’s take on a Michael Jackson classic. And just how did our readers react to this giant bowl of pop soup? Read on! :: Travis was feeling charitable on All Your Favorite Celebrities May Resume Tweeting: “Darnit! I would have rather donated money to the charity to keep the Kardashians and other ‘celebrities’ offline!”

American Idol Season 10:: Meanwhile, Zuzz deadpanned, “Every time a celebrity tweets a child dies.”

:: KrissyBalls kept things rolling on American Idol Promos Give Us A Preview Of Jennifer Lopez’s Judging Ability: “To me this show is done, if not for its choices of judges, then for the pure fact that the track record of Idols. One reason I WILL be watching the NYC auditions, is because they were held in Jersey City at the Restaurant/Event Space i was married in. For that to be the reason I am tuning in after being such a faithful viewer the past 10 years is pretty pathetic.”

The Black Eyed Peas:: Brandon Hall boom boom powed on Susan Boyle Returns To #1 As The Black Eyed Peas Have A Lackluster Debut: “It would have been wise not to over saturate themselves by releasing this album so suddenly after the last wave considering ‘Rock that body’ was a moderate hit just just a few months ago.”

:: Elizabeth, however, offered the dirty bit: “At least the Black Eyed Peas try to be creative. Susan Boyle simply regeritates [sic] other people’s music that been done a hundred times before.”

:: DonneeDarko saw a collaboration in the making on Best Music 2010: Adam Lambert Picks His Favorite Song And Album Of The Year: “I would LOVE to hear them do a duet!!! I loved Sia’s voice on many of the Zero 7 songs and then her first solo single ‘Breathe Me’ which was the final song of the final episode of Six Feet Under. People, you’ve got to listen to Sia. She has one of the most expressive, unique, and beautiful voices of current female popsters. Start with her first album.”

Michael Jackson R. Kelly You Are Not Alone:: KJ thought we were off the wall with Who Did “You Are Not Alone” Better: Michael Jackson Or R. Kelly?: “Are you kidding?? Michael Jackson’s version is so much better, a lot more depth and emotions expressed in his version. I’m a little surprised that’s R. Kelley’s version comes across so flat, almost devoid of emotion – R. Kelly can do much better than this. I do like the intro though.”

:: Rae also sided with the Gloved One: “Sorry to say this, but R. Kelly didn´t write this song. He was accused of plagiarism, and he was found guilty. The song was actually written by a belgian duo, the brothers Eddy and Danny Van Passel, and it used to be called `If We Can Start All Over´ (youtube it, you’ll see). And besides, Michael´s version (eventhough it’s not a contest) is unbeatable.”

:: Max, on the other hand, didn’t find R. Kelly to be a smooth criminal: “I thought R. Kelly’s version was fine, but it can’t compare to Michael’s. And yes, Kelly was found guilty of ripping off the melody, but the lyrics are his. The Belgian tune is an instrumental, and is not nearly as good as either Kelly’s or Michael’s.”

Justin Bieber Barbara Walters Fascinating People:: COMMENT OF THE WEEK: We really dug Lisa‘s re-branding on Watch Justin Bieber’s 10 Most Fascinating People Interview With Barbara Walters: “And Barbara Walters continues her yearly droll of interviewing The 10 People That Have The Largest Publicity Budget But May Or May Not Have Anything Interesting To Say… More Likely That They Don’t, But You’ll Hear About It The Day After Anyway Because Barbara Walters Is A ‘Tradition’ And You’ve Been Trained Since Youth To Believe She’s A Good Journalist When In Fact You Can’t Remember The Last Interesting Interview She Actually Did.” [Brava, Lisa—really has a certain ring to it!]