Ke$ha Covers The Rolling Stones — No Auto-Tune Required!

We haven’t forgotten that Ke$ha carries a torch for The Rolling Stones — she did threaten to kick any person to the curb who did not resemble Mick Jagger in “TiK ToK”. What does often slip our mind, though, is that the self-described “funny and hot” pop star actually does possess a lovely voice when it’s not over-processed to Auto-Tuned heaven. Jump below to catch K$ and a bunch of her hippie pals chillax in a stairwell while singing the Stones’ “Dead Flowers”.

What a fun sing-a-long. Though we don’t think Ke$h necessarily looks like a cross between “Keith Richards and a hobo.”

  • LMG

    why can’t she put on something like this? it was great!

  • Dan

    WOW, I must say I am impressed! I don’t know why she doesn’t release something with her singing more to prove people wrong.

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  • Jimmy

    She’s also a talented producer. Writes her own stuff (shame that we have to celebrate that)

  • MrTemecula

    There are plenty of pretty girls with beautiful voices who have impecable taste in music. Nobody buys their cd’s. The Kesha you see on stage is definitely not the girl you see in this video. She even looked a little if she didn’t want anybody to see the real person.