T.I. Expects No Mercy On VH1 ‘Storytellers’

Dec 12th, 2010 // Comment

Like many of his contemporaries, T.I. certainly has quite a story to tell. Only fitting, then, that he be featured on VH1’s Storytellers, giving him a chance to open up and enlighten fans about certain hardships in between performing hits from throughout his career. In the episode, Tip performs such colossal singles as “Bring ‘Em Out” and “Live Your Life,” as well as a few more intimate, rarely-performed numbers. Check out the full episode here.

No, the law didn’t have mercy on Tip and let him out of prison for a night of song and dance – this episode was taped prior to the star’s September incarceration for violating parole, much like everything else he’s appeared in since. Amazingly, the caged king has been almost as prolific from his cell as he ever was, dropping videos, covering magazines, earning Grammy nominations, and even releasing a full studio album from behind bars.

Of course, all the leg work was done prior to his surrender, but we gotta admire the way Xtina’s latest collaborator managed to promote No Mercy even while all cooped up in jail. The well-timed Storytellers appearance might be the best feat yet, reminding fans about the man behind the music and allowing him to be candid about his mistakes even while he is technically still paying for them. The album may be titled No Mercy, but judging from its high ranking on iTunes, it seems music fans are willing to show him a little.

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