Keri Hilson Has Her Heart Played With By A “Toy Soldier” On New Track

Whereas Britney Spears was “sick of toy soldiers” in her track from Blackout, Keri Hilson falls head over heels for one in her ballad “Toy Soldier” from No Boys Allowed. It’s nice to see a softer, vulnerable side of the woman who is either telling us how beautiful she is or is aggressively growling for you to ravish her. We’re not entirely sure she pulls it off, though. Listen below.

Keri Hilson — “Toy Soldier”

“He told me that our love would be marching on, hoorah hoorah / He told me that our love was mighty strong, hoorah hoorah / And guess I believed you, because you were my baby / Why would I doubt you, when you said you loved me / But I didn’t know you were the enemy,” sings Keri, shaking her vibrato throughout the whole piano-tinkling track.

At times she sounds a bit like Beyonce, at other times she comes off like somebody trying to imitate Beyonce. Either way, Keri’s sometimes-shaky vocals don’t elevate this generic tune to something more significant.

What do you think of Keri’s emotional side? Does this work better than the bathroom-dwelling, sex-fiend persona Keri’s been sporting as of late?