Watch The Unofficial Video For Kid Cudi’s “All Along”, Starring A Bunch Of Gremlins

Two creative YouTubers with some retro toys and a lot of time to spare made a stop-motion video set to the tune of Kid Cudi’s “All Along”, off his most recent release, Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager. Gizmo, the supercute creature from 80s comedy-monster movie Gremlins, goes on a spacey trip not unlike the ones Cudder himself has taken in his videos (as well as in real life). Jump below to check out the vid — just make sure you don’t get it wet or expose it to direct sunlight.

Adorable, though we do miss the sight of the stylish rapper/rockstar.

  • rozay

    this is dope…cudi need to make this official

  • justnsl33ps

    this is awesome! two of my favorite things, gizmo and scott mescudi!

  • tony

    this video SUCKS DICK! but the song is ill

  • quincy kid cudi fan likely

    the song is the best i’ve heard in my life dude i downloaded this on my iphone awsome cudder out did himself dude

  • dacalugar

    If you all think that the video above is good you will be left breathless after this one: